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Title II - Part D - Enhancing Education Through Technology 2009-2012


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Technology can be used to enhance teaching and learning. The principal goal of this program, funded by Title II Part D dollars, is to improve student academic achievement through the use of technology in elementary and secondary schools. It is also designed to assist students in becoming technologically literate by the end of the eighth grade and encourage the effective integration of technology with professional development. The program targets funds primarily to school districts that are high poverty and have low-performing schools or schools requiring assistance in acquiring and using technology.


2009-2012 Iowa Enhancing Education Through Technology Grant

Iowa had 11 consortiums apply for Enhancing Education Through Technology (E2T2) funds for large scale technology projects that provide professional development, hardware and software for technology integration. The largest Consortium, Cedar Run, includes AEA 267, AEA 10, Cedar Rapids, Iowa City and Waterloo).

$1,262,953.75 In Federal Title II, Part D grants for Iowa were awarded to 11 consortiums:

  • AEA 1 Consortium - $68,000.36
  • Cedar Run Consortium* - $306,464.87
  • NW Consortium** - $143,066.49
  • AEA 9 Consortium - $69,105.05
  • AEA 11 Consortium - $121,160.15
  • Green Hills AEA Consortium - $74,011.01
  • Great Prairie AEA Consortium - $116,982.55
  • UEN Council Bluffs - $37,029.67
  • UEN Davenport - $91,965.11
  • UEN Des Moines - $168,599.73
  • UEN Sioux City - $66,568.52

* Cedar Run Consortium consists of (AEA 267, AEA 10, Cedar Rapids, Iowa City and Waterloo)

** NW Consortium consists of (Prairie Lakes AEA 8 and NW AEA)

In the following listing, the consortia cover several curriculum areas and grade levels. Eight of the consortia included mathematics in their plans, four of them included science, three of them included reading, two included technology literacy, one included social science, and one included writing.

Consortium - Curriculum Areas - Grade Levels
AEA 1 Consortium - Mathematics - Grades 6-12
AEA 9 Consortium - Mathematics - Grades 6-12
Cedar Run Consortium - Mathematics, Reading, Science - Grades 9-12
Council Bluffs Consortium - Mathematics, Reading, Science, Social Sciences - Grades 1-12
Davenport Consortium - Mathematics - Grades 3-5
Des Moines Consortium - Technology Literacy, Writing - Grades 6-8
Great Prairie Consortium - Reading - Grade 8
Green Hills AEA Consortium - Mathematics, Reading, Technology Literacy - Grades 6-12
Heartland AEA Consortium - Mathematics, Science - Grades 8-12
North West Consortium - Science - Grades 3-5
Sioux City Consortium - Mathematics - Grades 3-4


2009-2010 Iowa EETT Grant Recipient Report



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Scoring Rubric for 2009-12 Iowa E2T2 Grant

Nonpublic School Participation for 2009-12 Iowa E2T2 Grant

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Letter of Assurances for 2009-12 Iowa E2T2 Grant


2002-2008 Iowa Enhancing Education Through Technology Grant




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