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Teacher Leadership and Compensation System


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Cohort 3 TLC Application Process

TLC Application for Cohort 3 schools will be open June 15, 2015.

The submission deadline for Cohort 3 plans is October 16, 2015. If a district does not submit an application by this date, the district will not be eligible to receive TLC funding. It is no longer a competitive process. Submissions will be read and scored by the TLC Commission Members. In order to receive 2016-17 funding for TLC, the school district must reach the minimum score of 73 or higher.

The scoring announcement will be made early December 2015. Districts that do not achieve the minimum required score of 73 will be contacted on next steps, which may include the opportunity to improve and resubmit their plan. Districts should, however, take advantage of all available resources prior to October 16 to develop a robust plan aligned with the Commission’s scoring criteria.

The Teacher Leadership and Compensation (TLC) System rewards effective teachers with leadership opportunities and higher pay, attracts promising new teachers with competitive starting salaries and more support, and fosters greater collaboration for all teachers to learn from each other.

The overriding philosophy of the system is multi-pronged, but boils down to this: Improving student learning requires improving the instruction they receive each day. There is no better way to do this than to empower our best teachers to lead the effort.

Through the system, teacher leaders take on extra responsibilities, including helping colleagues analyze data and fine tune instructional strategies as well as coaching and co-teaching.

Bipartisan legislation created a four-year process to fully develop the statewide Teacher Leadership and Compensation System, with the goal of all school districts voluntarily participating by the 2016-17 school year.

The goals of the Teacher Leadership and Compensation System are:

  • Attract able and promising new teachers by offering competitive starting salaries and offering short-term and long-term professional development and leadership opportunities.
  • Retain effective teachers by providing enhanced career opportunities.
  • Promote collaboration by developing and supporting opportunities for teachers in schools and school districts statewide to learn from each other.
  • Reward professional growth and effective teaching by providing pathways for career opportunities that come with increased leadership responsibilities and involve increased compensation.
  • Improve student achievement by strengthening instruction.

All 346 Iowa school districts applied for planning grants to support the local development of Teacher Leadership and Compensation plans. The deadline to submit an application to enter the system in the 2014-15 school year was January 31. The Department received 139 applications representing 146 school districts. The applications were reviewed and scored by the twenty members of the Commission on Educator Leadership and Compensation, which was created to oversee the implementation of the Teacher Leadership and Compensation System.

The Iowa General Assembly approved $50 million for the first year of implementation. In each subsequent year through 2016-17, another $50 million will be added to the system for a total of $150 million per year, enabling all districts to participate in the program if they choose. On March 3rd, the Department announced the selection of 39 school districts from around the state to participate in the first year of the system. The Department will support both school districts selected to participate in the first cohort as well as those planning for the second round of TLC applications.


TLC Documents

Guidance on the Iowa Teacher Leadership and Compensation System

Teacher Leadership System Design Resources

TLC System Application FAQs (2015-07-21)

TLC System Implementation FAQs (2015-07-21)

TLC System – Framework for Learning Supports (2014-08-01)

TLC System – Launching Teacher Leadership (2014-04-18)

Supporting Teacher Leadership Programs (Iowa AEAs) (2014-04-04)


TLC Online Community (Agora)

The TLC Online Community (Agora) brings teacher leaders and administrators from across the state together to collaborate about school improvement and the teacher leadership compensation system. Navigate the community as a guest or enroll in the community to sign up for notifications and participate in activities.


AEA Contacts

AEA Contact Email Phone
Keystone AEA 1 Pat Heiderscheit 563-245-1480
AEA 267 Kathy Enslin 319-273-8200
Prairie Lakes AEA 8 Jaymie Randel 515-325-6085
Mississippi Bend AEA 9 Nicole Peterson 563-344-6487
Grant Wood AEA 10 Jim Pedersen 319-399-6700
Heartland AEA 11 Kevin Fangman 515-270-9030
Northwest AEA Jon Wibbels 712-222-6000
Green Hills AEA Jan Norgaard 712-755-3896
Great Prairie AEA Anne Morgan 641-682-8591


Application Process

TLC Application Instructions - (2015-05-27)

TLC Plan Application (2014-06-19)

TLC Plan Application Scoring Rubric (2014-06-19)

Cohort 3 Application Process Updates (2015-05-27)

2015-2016 TLC Budget Estimate (2014-08-21)


TLC Year 2 Selection Process and Results


TLC Year 1 Selection Process and Results


Webinar Recordings and Presentation Slides

October 4, 2013 - Teacher Leadership and Compensation System Update

October 11, 2013 - The System for Student and Teacher Advancement (TAP) Overview

October 18, 2013 - The Center for Teaching Quality (CTQ) Overview

October 25, 2013 - Minnesota Q Comp Overview

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