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School Counseling

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A school counseling program is an articulated, sequential kindergarten-through-grade 12 program that is comprehensive in scope, preventative in design, developmental in nature, driven by data, and integral to the school district’s curricula and instructional program. The program must be implemented by a qualified professional school counselor, appropriately licensed by the Iowa Board of Educational Examiners. This site provides information to guide and assist school counselors, administrators, teachers and parents in the implementation of a comprehensive and accountable K-12 school counseling program. Ultimately, by using these resources, these stakeholders will support all students in becoming college-, career- and citizen-ready.

Iowa School Counseling Administrative Rules

Iowa School Professional Counseling Program Brochure - The brochure designed by members of the Iowa school counseling task force. The brochure illustrates the role and impact of school counseling programs based on the Iowa School Counseling Framework and ASCA model. Space is provided on back page to insert local school district information.

DE, AEA and Higher Education School Counseling Contacts

DE, AEA and Higher Education School Counseling Contacts

Iowa Professional School Counselor Data 2014

Characteristics of Iowa Full-Time Public School Professional Counselors, 2000-2001, 2010-2011, and 2011-2012

Iowa School Professional Counseling Framework Resources

Iowa School Counseling Program Framework April 2015

Mindsets and Behaviors Training Module March 2015

Research and Evidence Based Curricula for School Counseling

ASCA National Model, Third Edition Revisions - This presentation was delivered by Carol Kaffenberger at the School Counseling Summit on June 21, 2012. It crosswalks the changes in the revised model and highlights four themes of advocacy, leadership, collaboration and systemic change. The accountability section has been enhanced.

School Counseling Program Assessment Guide - The school counseling program assessment helps K-12 school counselors align their school counseling program with the four components of the ASCA Model, 3rd Rev and the Iowa School Counseling Framework (rev 2014). This tool will help you analyze each component. This information will guide program development and provide more equitable support for all students.

ASCA Model Executive Summary - School counselors design and deliver comprehensive school counseling programs that promote student achievement. These programs are comprehensive in scope, preventive in design and developmental in nature. “The ASCA National Model: A Framework for School Counseling Programs” outlines the components of a comprehensive school counseling program.

Changes in the Third Edition of the ASCA National Model - This document gives a brief overview of the changes in the 3rd edition. Your AEA school counseling consultant has a copy of the revised model and trainings are being offered statewide on how to infuse these revisions.

ASCA Mindsets and Behaviors Program Planning Tool

Student Standards Planning Tool - Implementing a K-12 comprehensive program is a multifaceted and continuous process. This form is a tool that can be used to assist you in planning your overall guidance curriculum.

Implementing Iowa School Counseling Framework Elements

Video: Introduction to the Iowa School Counseling Framework Elements- Teresa Keefe Omeara introduces the elements of the Iowa School Counseling Framework. "A school counseling program is..."

Teresa Keefe Omeara is the K-6 elementary school counselor at North Tama Schools. She loves the opportunity to work closely with students and families of a small, rural community. She served as ISCA’s President and Elementary Vice President and is the recipient of the Iowa Governor’s Award for Outstanding Service To Children.


Video: Foundation of the Iowa School Counseling Framework - Richard Jackson talks about building a solid foundation; the "WHAT" of the school counseling program.

Richard Jackson is a graduate student in University of Northern Iowa’s School Counseling Program.

Belief and Philosophy Worksheet

Beliefs and Mission Worksheet

Sample Mission Statements

School Counseling Program Audit

Delivery System

Video: Delivery System of the Iowa School Counseling Framework - Tim Lambertsen discusses the delivery system; the "HOW" of the implementation process.

Tim Lambertsen is a school counselor at Waukee High School. He is committed to supporting all students through the implementation of a comprehensive K-12 school counseling program. He served as ISCA’s High School Vice President Elect.

Delivery in the School Counseling Program

Required State Components Contained Within the Guideways

ASCA Curriculum Crosswalking Tool

Curriculum Alignment Worksheet - Career Domain

Curriculum Alignment Worksheet - Academic Domain

Curriculum Alignment Worksheet - Personal Social Domain

Iowa Core Crosswalk

ASCA Crosswalk with I Have A Plan Iowa - This document shows how features of the IHAPI aligns with the ASCA career development standards. The ASCA career development standards align with the Iowa School Counseling Framework career standards.

System Support Planning Chart

School Counseling Curriculum Delivery Time Log and Instructions - This program is an easy way to log school counselor activities and identify percentages of time spent in each of the areas.

ASCA Recommendations for Time Allocation

Elementary School Counselor Time Form

Time and Task Analysis Form

Management System

Video: Management System of the Iowa School Counseling Framework - Careyanne Wood explains the management system, the "WHEN, WHY, BY WHOM" of the implementation process.

Careyanne Wood is the K-12 school counselor at Preston Community Schools and strong advocate for K-12 solo school counselors who work hard to offer a comprehensive program to all K-12 students. She is a member of the Iowa School Counseling Transformational Design team.

Iowa School Counseling SMART Goal Action Plan

Managing the School Counseling Program

Management System - Use of Data

Elementary School Counselor Management Agreement

Secondary School Counselor Management Agreement

Closing the Gap Action Plan

School Counselor Strategic Improvement Plan

Sample Data Projects (Management and Accountability)

Accountability System

Video: Accountability System of the Iowa School Counseling Framework - Shelley Klaas shares the accountability system. "How are students different as a result of the school counseling program?"

Shelley Klaas works as the elementary school counselor at Neil Armstrong Elementary for Bettendorf Community Schools. She is the K-12 Curriculum Director for the K-12 school counseling program. Shelley is 2012 ASCA School Counselor of the Year finalist.

School Data Profile Worksheet - Instead of  answering the question, “What do school counselors do?”, the question school counselors now ask is, “How are students different because of participating in the school counseling program? This School Data Profile template is one example of how school counselors can organize and disaggregate data. This template will help you identify achievement gaps or equity issues.

Accountability in the School Counseling Program

Making Data Work Presentation - from the March 30, 2012 conference

Making Data Work Training Handout - from the March 30, 2012 conference

Closing the Gap Results Report

Results Reports: Impact Over Time

Sample Data Projects (Management and Accountability)

Professional School Counselor Standards and Competencies

Ethical Standards for Professional School Counselors in English

Ethical Standards for Professional School Counselors in Spanish

Professional School Counselor Competencies

Professional School Counselor Skills

Are You Ready for the ASCA National Model?

Challenging the Myths: Rethinking the Role of School Counselors - This document was created by Education Trust’s National Organization for Transforming School Counseling and challenges school counselors to transform their school counseling programs to ensure equitable access and opportunities for all students.


Own the Turf Presentation - This presentation was created by National Organization School Counselor Advocacy which is supported by the College Board Policy and Advocacy Center. It promotes the importance of school counselors as leaders in school reform, student achievement, and college readiness.

A Closer Look at the Principal-Counselor Relationship


Video: The Whole Child and the School Counselor - Jan Kuhl, Clare Struck and Michelle Bruty address the role of the school counselor in supporting the whole child.

Jan Kuhl is a consultant at the Iowa Department of Education, working in the areas of school counseling and career education. She testified before the U.S. Senate HELP Committee on the impact elementary school counselors have on the development of the whole child.

Clare Struk is the elementary school counselor at Malcolm Price Laboratory School and an adjunct instructor for the School Counseling Practicum experience at the University of Northern Iowa. She testified for the Whole Child Initiative at a 2009 U.S. Senate hearing for the reauthorization of ESEA.

Michelle Bruty is the school counselor for Bettendorf Community Schools. She serves on the Iowa School Counseling Transformational Design Team and is a National Board Certified Teacher in the area of school counseling.

Six Challenges for School Counseling

School Counselor Strategic Planning Tool


Finding A Way: Practical Examples of How an Effective Principal Counselor Relationship Can Lead to Success for All Students - A result of a collaborative effort of the College Board, ASCA and NASSP, this report presents 10 characteristics of an effective principal-counselor relationship.

Systemic Change

Inspiration & Innovation: Ten Effective Counseling Practices - The best practices in college counseling are highlighted in the booklet and were condensed from research commissioned by the College Board for the National Center for School Counseling Outcome Research.

College, Career and Citizenship Readiness

College and Career Readiness Tool to Address Equity Gap

Creating a College-Going Culture

Eight Components of College and Career Readiness Counseling

Own the Turf Presentation

School Counselors and Principals Collaborating to Ensure College and Career Readiness

One Year Out: Survey among the High School Class of 2010

Building a Grad Nation

2014 Iowa School Counseling Conference (Lake Rathbun)


Video: Crisis Management - Kathie Barry discusses supporting children, families and educators in times of crisis.

Kathie Barry is an adjunct professor at the University of Northern Iowa and was the school counselor at Aplington-Parkersburg Community School District. Her advocacy for school counselors led to the American Red Cross using school counselors when working with communities in crisis.

Glossary for School Counseling Program

School Counseling Websites

Best Practice in Bullying Prevention and Intervention


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