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Earth Day (April 2017 School Leader Update)


Saturday April 22 is Earth Day. Earth Day is a wonderful annual event celebrated worldwide to increase awareness for our environment. School districts and nonpublic schools can incorporate Earth Day into their curriculum in a number of ways. One way a school can incorporate this into its curriculum is by scheduling a day of community service. A day of community service can be considered a day of school under our administrative rules as long as the community service is aligned to the curriculum and students are under the guidance and supervision of instructional professional staff. Scheduling a community service day may also be a unique way to incorporate career education into the curriculum. Not only is this good for the students, it’s good for the environment and the community too.

Top 10 ways to go green:

  1. Schedule a community services day.
  2. Schedule a school-wide cleanup day.
  3. Schedule a school-wide bike/walk to school day.
  4. Schedule a school-wide day to UNPLUG and read.
  5. Plant some trees on school property.
  6. Create a school-wide Earth Day campaign.
  7. Plant a school garden the kids help to maintain.
  8. Start a school-wide compost program for wasted food (you can use this in your garden).
  9. Make bird feeders to feed the birds (be careful where you hang them).
  10. Incorporate Earth Day into your lesson plans.

Have fun and save our planet while doing it!

Printed from the Iowa Department of Education website on May 20, 2018 at 7:31am.