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Title II - Part A - Teacher and Principal Training and Recruiting


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This program is designed to improve student achievement by providing funds to school districts for the training, recruitment and retention of teachers and principals. Because each school district has unique needs with respect to educator quality, the program allows funds allocated to school districts to be used for a wide array of interventions and strategies. The program combines the former Eisenhower Professional Development and Class Size Reduction programs, and requires activities that are based on scientific research and have demonstrated evidence of improved student achievement.

Title II Needs Assessment and Plan - The program requires each school district to base its selection of activities for its plan on an assessment of professional development and staffing needs. The needs assessment required of each school district for the Comprehensive School Improvement Plan and professional development meets this requirement. The Comprehensive School Improvement Plan meets the plan requirement.

A school district can use the funds allocated under this program for one or more of the following:

  • Recruitment and retention of highly qualified teachers and principals.
  • Provision of professional development activities to improve the quality of its teacher, principal and superintendent workforce.
  • Hiring highly qualified teachers in order to reduce class size, particularly in the early grades.
  • Carrying out teacher advancement initiatives or activities related to exemplary teachers.

Funds received by a school district under this program must be used to supplement, not supplant non-Federal funds that would otherwise be used for the activities supported by the program.


FY16 Title II, Part A Allocations for Public Schools

2016-2017 Allocations

Revised Annual Notification to Superintendents 2016-2017

Annual Notification to Superintendents 2017-2018 

Preliminary Allocation 2017-2018


Title II, Part A - FY16 Application Process

Title II Part A - Guidance US DE

Title II Part A - Spring 2015 Guidance Notes

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Guidance for Equitable Services to Non-public Schools - State of Iowa

Title IX, Part E Uniform Provisions Subpart 1 - Private Schools - Equitable Services for Private School Students, Teachers, and Other Educational Personnel - Non-Regulatory Guidance

J-3 Sample Timeline

J-5 Consultation Checklist

J-6 Consultation Sign in sheet

J-7 Consultation Meeting Agenda sample

J-8 Sample Needs Assessment PD Plan

J-9 Consultation Meeting log

J-10 Consultation Planning sheet

J-11 Intent to Participate form

Powerpoint - Spring 2015 Title IIA and Equitable Services to NPS without Notes

Laws, Rules & Policy

USDE-US Department of Education Title II

Memorandum to ED Grantees Regarding the Use of Grant Funds for Conferences and Meetings

Using Federal Grant Discretionary and Formula Funds to Host a Meeting or Conference

Claim Reimbursement

Submit an accounting ledger from the district business office. Make sure the district is identified on the paperwork requesting funds. Documentation of expenditures is required for all Title II funds reimbursement (e.g. class size reduction, salaries, etc). Claims can be submitted to Isbelia Arzola (515-281-3954) in the Bureau of Educator Quality at the Department of Education.

NOTE: For class size reduction, a district must send file folder numbers of teachers supported by Title II A funds.

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