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Tri-State Regional Special Education Law Conference Materials


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2013 Important Info for Tri-State Conference

2013 Tri-State Speaker Roster

At A Glance 2013

Certificate 2013

2013 Tri-State Printed Agenda


Julie Weatherly

Julie Weatherly Bio

Keynote Weatherly Recent Decisions

Weatherly Avoiding Litigation November 2013

Weatherly Manifestation


Perry Zirkel

Perry Zirkel Bio

IDEA-504 Comparison

ADHD Checklist

ED Checklist


David Richards

David Richards Bio 2013


504 Nondiscrimination Update


Jim Walsh

Jim Walsh Bio 2013

Student and Teacher Safety

How It Got This Way

General Ed Teachers and SPED

Making the Transition--Preparing for Life After SPED


Chris Borecca

Chris Borecca Bio (2)

Non-Traditional Families Speech


Dave Hodgins

Dave Hodgins Bio

Administrators and the IEP Process

Medical Health Care Services Under the Issues to Know and Understand


Kathy Mehfoud

Kathy Mehfoud Bio 2013

Determining the LRE Without Engaging in Predetermination of Placement

Efficient and Legal IEP Meetings


Lenore Knudtson

Lenore Knudtson Bio 2013

Safety vs Student

Is Bad Behavior A Disability Fall 2013

Know How to Respond Fall 2013 PowerPoint (no video)


Diana Browning White

Diana Browning Wright Bio 2013

Keynote Providing Social Emotional Behavioral Services

Browning Threat

Omaha Eleven Questions

Providing Social Emotional and Behavioral Services on a Budget


Art Cernosia

Art Cernosia Bio

Rights and Responsibilities of Parents Under IDEA

Extended School Year Services Final Version


Jose Martin

Jose Martin Bio 2013

Access to General Curriculum

Nebraska RtI


Nancy Reder

Nancy Reder Bio 2013


Thomas Mayes

Thomas Mayes Bio 2013

Ethics Materials 2013



Melinda Jacobs

Melinda Jacobs Bio

Keynote--THE YEAR IN REVIEW 2011-2012

Bullying and Special Education Students

Bullying Powerpoint 2012

Elena Martinez Gallegos

Elena Martinez Gallegos Bio 2012

Prior Written Notice--Legal Compliance and Practical Pointers

IEPs Getting Content Right

Jose Martin

Jose Martin Bio

Dealing with Tough IEP Team Members

Discipline and FAPE

Jan Tomsky

Jan Tomsky Bio

Nonacademic and Extracurricular Activities

Identifying and Serving Students with Emotional Disturbance

Chris Borecca

Chris Borecca Bio

Medically Fragile


Dave Hodgins

Dave Hodgins Bio

IEEs at Your Expense-What to Consider and How to Respond

IDEA Boot Camp


David Richards

David Richards Bio

2012 Nebraska ADAAA

2012 Nebraska Safeguards


Mitchell Yell

Mitchell Yell Bio

EBPs in Special Education NE

Schoolwide Postive Behavior Interventions and Support


Darcy Kriha

Darcy Kriha Bio

Special Education Transportation Outline


Art Cernosia

Art Cernosia Bio

Keynote--General Education Interventions and RTI Final

Ten Court Cases I'm Glad



Diana Browning Wright

Diana Browning Wright Bio

Nebraska Law 6 Tiers

Part Two Bullying Victims 2012

Part Three Students Who Bully


James Gerl

James Gerl Bio

What is Evidenced Based Research?


Maura McInerney

Maura McInerney Bio

Parent Perspective: How Effective Engagement &Collaboration Can Improve Educational Outcomes for Children

Special Education Decision Making--Role of Child Welfare Caseworker


Nancy Reder

Nancy Reder Bio

CCD Computer Adaptive Testing Final

Tri-State Special Ed Law Conference November 2012


Kathy Thompson Whaley

Kathy Thompson Whaley Bio

Transition Practices

Transition Self Assessment 091508

Tri-State Transition Conference November 2012


Thomas Mayes

Thomas Mayes Bio

Legal Ethics Omaha 2012 (Dow)

Legal Ethics Omaha 2012 (Pro Se)


Kelly Whiting

Kelly Whiting Bio

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