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Special Education State Guidance


Notice of Public Comment and Public Hearing  on Graduation Requirements Rules Amendment - March 27, 2018 deadline  Graduation Requirement Rule Change Hearing  "Notice of Intended Action"
Open Public Comment-Graduation Requirements for Children with Disabilities --Proposed rule change that Iowa's State Board is considering.  The change will affect graduation options for students who receive IDEA services.

Athletic Eligibility and Students with Disabilities - Guidance on applying the State rule on athletic eligibility for students receiving special education.

 At-Risk or Alternative Education and Special Education - Eligible individuals may participate in at-Risk or alternative education schools, programs, or services.

Collaborative Teaching Guidance

Compensatory Education

Children with Disabilities and 21st Century Community Learning Centers Program

Distinguishing Schools vs. Programs - Guidance for districts about the rules/ramifications surrounding if locations are a school or a program.

District Developed Service Delivery Plan for Special Education

Early Intervening Services Guidance Memo (August 2010) - Memo on permissible uses of 15% of Part B funds for coordinated early intervening services in general education.

Eligibility and Evaluation

  • Department Appeal of Due Process in A.W. Decision (2017-09-26) - Memo providing guidance for addressing two of the administrative decisions from the A.W. case that most pertain to the identification of individuals eligible for special education.

Eligibility Determinations Without AEA Staff - Explains the Law's requirement that AEA staff be a part of any decision that a child is eligible for special education.

Graduation Rate Calculation January 2011

Grades Diplomas Transcript 2017 Supplement to 1999 -The Grades, Diplomas, and Transcripts document is currently being revised, with a July 2017 release date.  In the interim, the attached document explains whether the answers in the 1999 document are still current and how they differ in the revised document.

Grades, Diplomas, and Transcripts for Students with Disabilities (2006-09-20) - This document was released for review, as a Field Edition in August of 1998. A wide variety of people, ranging from teachers and administrators to parents and administrative law judges, carefully critiqued the document. After concerns and suggestions were received from this diverse group, all comments were individually considered and many of them are reflected in the final document titled Grades, Diplomas, and Transcripts for Students with Disabilities (March 1999) It is hoped that this document will answer many of your questions and that it will serve as a guide for you as you strive to meet the needs of students with disabilities.

Guidance on 4+ Services - Released January 2017

IDEA/504/ADA Comparison Chart

Independent Educational Evaluation FAQ - This document answers many common questions about independent educational evaluations for children under the IDEA.

Definition of "Parent" Under IDEA Part B and Early ACCESS

Limitations on Filing CINA Petitions - Explains filing CINA Petitions to obtain Mental Health or other services for children with disabilities and when this practice is permissible and when it is not.

Multiple Measures in Eligibility Requirement - Explains how special education eligibility determinations based on single factors are improper.

Nonpublic Schools and Special Education Services

Parent Request for Initial Evaluation

Placement of Children with Disabilities Outside Resident District School Sites - Guidance for IEP teams and school officials about placements outside resident school district sites, including placements made by other agencies for non-educational reasons.

Placement of Students Ages 3-21 with Disabilities Under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) - Guidance for teams making placement decisions for children with disabilities. It answers ten key questions about placement decisions, with supporting references from state and federal law.

Procedures and Guidelines for Assessment and Delivery of Special Education Services to Incarcerated Individuals in Iowa's Adult Correction Facilities

Revocation of Consent for Continued Special Education Services - Addresses commonly asked questions that arise when a parent revokes consent for a child's continued special education services.

Revocation of Consent for Continued Special Education Services When Parents Disagree - Explains when one parent requests that special education services be ended, special education services must end, even when the other parent wants services to continue. Also provides guidance about how to determine whether a parent has sole power to make educational decisions.

Service Animal Guidance - This document addresses issues associated with the use of service animals in schools under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Special Education Services in Difficult Budgetary Times - Explains when it is and is not permissible to consider cost or cost savings when deciding programs for eligible individuals.

Student Activity Issues in Special Education - This document is an excerpt related to students with disabilities taken from the Student Activity Fund FAQ state guidance.

Transportation Issues in Special Education - This document discusses transportation of students with disabilities under IDEA and Iowa Code.

Use of Special Education Funds

Withdrawal from Special Education and Section 504 - Clarifies that parents who withdraw their children from special education are not entitled to demand Section 504 Plans.


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