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Speech-Language Services


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Iowa Speech-Language Services are provided by a statewide system of nine Area Education Agencies (AEAs). Each AEA has oversight of all special education services, by a Director of Special Education, to implement federal and state requirements of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act of 2004 (IDEA).

An administrative consultant, designated by the Iowa Department of Education, provides support to the AEAs and statewide implementation of educational Speech-Language Services for children and students birth to 21.

In addition, an AEA SLP Statewide Leadership group meets to develop, implement, maintain and continuously improve a system of speech-language services. A designated AEA SLP, supported by the Department, facilitates the SLP Statewide Leadership meetings. Each AEA designates Lead(s) to participate in meetings and implement quality speech-language services for children and students throughout the state of Iowa.

AEA SLP Statewide Leadership

The AEA SLP Statewide Leadership group meets three times a school year. AEA Directors of Special Education support dates for meetings and designated representation. The group developed a three-year plan and prioritized six areas to develop for technical assistance guidance and professional development training:

DE-AEA SLP Statewide Leadership PLAN

  1. Telepractice Training and Resources
  2. SLP Functional Assessment
  3. SLP Interventions
  4. AEA SLP Statewide Annual Report
  5. SLP Standards of Practice
  6. Complex Speech Sound Production

AEA Speech-Language Services

SLP Resources

Iowa SLP Education Employment Opportunities--Teach Iowa is an on-line resource to access SLP job openings in the AEAs.

Iowa Public School SLP Licensure - This document describes Iowa licensure options for Speech Language Pathologist AEA employment and providing speech-language services in the public school.

Service Delivery Models 2004  SDO ICN Handouts and The History of Iowa Service Delivery Model SDOs - These links provide an overview of the Iowa Service Delivery Model developed by a statewide committee. The Model is a student centered decision-making framework for service delivery to effectively and efficiently interface speech-language services with educational progress. Handouts and a Power Point presentation provide further information for use of the Service Delivery Options (SDOs).

2012 SLP ELL Manual Updated-- This guidance manual provides speech-language pathologists the information needed to provide appropriate services to second language learners in the schools, describes the legal mandates second language acquisition, use of response to intervention and additional second language resources.

Flexible Scheduling Sample Forms and Flexible Scheduling PowerPoint Presentation - Guidance information for suggestions in scheduling speech-language services to meet needs of learners.


Iowa Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ISHA)
Organized to promote speech-language and hearing as an area of science and as a service profession.

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association
Best source of information for professionals, parents, and students for speech, language, and hearing related disorders.

A great online source for reliable and comprehensive information about childhood apraxia of speech for families, professionals and all those who care about a child with apraxia.

Speech Therapy Activities
Provides activities in the areas of articulation, language, literacy, and technology.


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