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Trial Out of Special Education Service



The IEP team has the option of deciding to have the student begin a trial out of special education.  The trial out can begin when a student’s progress indicates that they will be successful in the general education environment without special education services.

The IEP team determines at an IEP review or Amendment meeting that the student is ready to receive instruction in the Iowa Core Curriculum without special education services. After the trial out period a reevaluation meeting is held. If additional data is needed prior to the reevaluation meeting a "Consent for/Notice of Reevaluation" is sent to the parents. During the trial out the student’s IEP goals continue to be monitored.

Trial Out

During a trial out period, the student can either be trialed out of one goal area, such as math, or trialed out of all special education services.  The IEP team may make this decision during an annual review, reevaluation, or amendment of the IEP.  The decision to have a trial out period should have been discussed with IEP team members prior to the decision.

The following information must be documented on Page I-Additional Information of the IEP.

  • Specify purpose of the information
  • Description of student’s current functioning in comparison to peers
  • When will the trial period begin?
  • Who will be involved?
  • What supports are needed?
  • How will supports be faded?
  • What will be monitored?
  • Who will monitor?
  • How often will monitoring occur?
  • What is the length of time for the trial period?
How long does the trial out last?

The trial period can be determined by the IEP team, but is to be no longer than 45 school days.

If monitoring data indicates early on that the trial-out is not successful, changes need to be made to assist the student. These changes may include ending the trial out early.

Implementing the Trial Out Plan

During the trial period, it is necessary to continue to collect data on student performance, as well as input from the general education teacher, special education teacher, parents, and student.

Completing the Trial Out

After the trial period is complete, the IEP team must review the data.  With this information, the team should be able to determine if the student is ready to discontinue with part or all special education services.

There are three options for completing trial outs:

  • Trial out successful in all areas, discontinuing all special education services
  • Trial out successful in some areas, discontinuing some special education services
  • Trial out not successful, continuing special education services

The team’s decision must be reflected in a Prior Written Notice.

Prior Written Notice

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