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Reevaluation Questions (page R)


Explanation The Reevaluation questions were developed to ensure that the IEP team has discussed and considered all necessary information in order to make a good decision regarding the continued eligibility of the child.

Current data must be used to address these questions. If current data is not available the questions should not be answered until further data is collected.
Questions These six questions must be answered on Page R during an IEP Reevaluation meeting:
  • What progress has the student made compared to peers or the expected standard? (review and analyze data on student and peer performance)
  • What discrepancy, if any, still exists between the student's performance and that of peers or the expected standard? (review and analyze comparison data on student and peer performance)
  • What evidence is there that the student continues to need special education and related services to be successful? (obtain subjective evidence from teachers, parents, student)
  • What additions or modifications to the special education and related services are needed to enable the student to meet the IEP goals and to participate, as appropriate, in the general education curriculum? (discuss what supports are in place, are the supports effective, obtain input from teachers, parents, student)
  • Does the student continue to be eligible for special education services, based on the information contained in Questions 1-4? (answer yes or no)
  • Under what conditions will the IEP team consider exiting the student from special education services? (discuss what skills the student needs in order to return to the general education environment without special education services)

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