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Adding a New Goal Area


Explanation The IEP team of a student who has been determined to be eligible for special education services in one or more areas needs to consider additional areas of concern that arise following the eligibility determination. When the IEP team is considering an additional area of need, eligibility does not need to be reestablished. Data relating to the new area of concern needs to be considered by the IEP team prior to adding a new goal area.


Adding a new goal area for an eligible student does not require the use of the general education intervention process that was used prior to the student’s eligibility determination.

IEP Team Members

In addition to the IEP team members at the child’s most recent IEP meeting include the general education teacher or information from the general education teacher who taught the student in the area of concern.

The IEP Team

Preparing for the IEP Meeting

Collect data that supports the addition of the goal area.

These data should include progress in the Iowa Core Curriculum, discrepancy between the student and grade level peers, and what strategies have been used to assist the student in the area of concern.

During the IEP Meeting


The IEP team must review data regarding the area of concern to decide whether the student requires special education services and supports to progress in the Iowa Core Curriculum.

If the IEP team decides that the student requires special education in the area of concern a measurable annual goal and progress monitoring strategy must be developed and services, activities and supports needed to help the student progress toward the goal must be identified.

Implementation and Follow Up

Following the IEP meeting:

  • If requested, provide a copy of the revised IEP.
  • All service providers must be given access to the IEP, and those who were not in attendance must be made aware of their responsibilities for implementing the IEP. 
  • Begin or continue services as described on page F. 
  • Implement the procedures for progress monitoring. 
  • The district or AEA, depending upon which agency is providing the service to address the new goal area, should send Prior Written Notice to the parents.

Prior Written Notice

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