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AEA Mediator's


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AEA Mediators

An AEA mediator may be used to help settle difference between parties. This person may be someone who is considered neutral to the disagreement, from within the AEA or from another AEA. This person is not assigned by the state, as in the other options.

AEA Mediation Process

AEA Mediation Brochure (Resolution Meeting) with Logo February 2015 - A brochure providing a brief overview of what to expect during an AEA Mediation process.

Common Questions

Frequently asked questions about the AEA Mediation process:

Q & A Statewide AEA RF System

Model Request Form

In order to access a resolution facilitator, a parent or school district could fill out a form or call the AEA in which the child attends school:

Parent Request for Resolution Facilitator

AEA Mediators

AEA contacts in charge of the AEA Mediation process in your region:

2011-2012 AEA Facilitator Coordinator List

AEA Mediator's Guide

The guidelines and forms used by AEA Mediators during this process.

Resolution Facilitator Guide 2010-A


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