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Special Education Data Profiles - AEA and School District


The Office of Special Education Programs administration of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) of 2004 has identified Indicators upon which the Iowa Department of Education must annually report at the state, AEA, and local school district levels. Targets have been established for each indicator. Annual data will be released to the public in June of each year.


Legal Requirements and Reports

Under IDEA 2004 [20USC 1416(b)(2)], Iowa is required to establish measurable and rigorous targets, use the established targets to analyze the performance of each local education agency and report annually to the public the performance of the state, area education agencies (AEAs) and local school districts.


Advisory Group

Several key stakeholder groups were integral in the development of targets for the Part B and C Indicators. The process and identified stakeholders can be found on pages 1 and 2 of the State Performance Plan, Part B and Part C.



Keystone AEA Data Profiles

AEA 267 Data Profiles

Prairie Lakes AEA Data Profiles

Mississippi Bend AEA Data Profiles

Grant Wood AEA Data Profiles

Heartland AEA Data Profiles

Northwest AEA Data Profiles

Green Hills AEA Data Profiles

Great Prairie AEA Data Profiles


School District

FFY 2013 Special Education Profiles

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