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Bus Inspection Schedules


School bus inspections are required twice each year on every vehicle that is used as a school bus in Iowa. Conducted by the Iowa Department of Education with assistance from the Iowa State Patrol, Joe Funk conducts the inspections in Eastern Iowa, Verlan Vos conducts the inspections in Central Iowa, and Tom Simpson conducts the inspections in Western Iowa. Inspection criteria can be found in the “Maintenance and Inspections Manual” under “Publications & Reports” on this website.

The following links provide bus inspection schedules for the inspectors:

East - Inspector, Joe Funk (515-669-4987),

Central - Inspector, Verlan Vos (515-669-4994),

West - Inspector, Tom Simpson (515-326-1022),

Bus Inspection Results

This information illustrates the school bus inspection results for every school transportation provider in the State of Iowa for the last full semester. Before trying to interpret the results, please read the category explanations to better understand the numbers and to familiarize yourself with the terms being used.

NOTE: For specific inspection details and/or results concerning a particular bus, vehicle or agency, you will need to contact the particular agency to which it pertains.

Iowa School Bus Inspection Results Guidance


2016-17 Inspection Results 1st Semester

2016-17 Inspection Results 2nd Semester


2015-16 Inspection Results 1st Semester

2015-16 Inspection Results 2nd Semester


2014-15 Inspection Results 1st Semester

2014-15 Inspection Results 2nd Semester


2013-14 Inspection Results 1st Semester

2013-14 Inspection Results 2nd Semester


2012-13 Inspection Results 1st Semester

2012-13 Inspection Results 2nd Semester


2011-12 Inspection Results 1st Semester

2011-12 Inspection Results 2nd Semester

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