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Data Collection


“Facilities, Elections and Sales Tax” report is available on the Iowa Education Portal (EdPortal) and is due on September 30th.  This report has four parts that must be certified by the district: 1) Replacement cost of Educational Facilities, 2) Voter-Approved PPEL, 3) Bond Issue Elections, and 4) SAVE/SILO Reporting.  For the SAVE/SILO Reporting, legislation has required information about property tax relief through the use of Sales Tax in each district.  Most of the financial information for sales tax will be pre-populated on the report under “Fund 33 Summary Information from the CAR.”  The sales tax portion of the report requires the school district to update information about the revenue purpose statement, provide information how the district has reduced levies through sales tax, and miscellaneous information about whether the district had issued revenue bonds and reduced property tax through SAVE/SILO.


"Facilities, Elections, and Sales Tax" Instructions:

Facilities Data Collection Instructions

Printed from the Iowa Department of Education website on June 28, 2016 at 5:20am.