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Uniform Administrative Procedures, School Districts and AEAs


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This manual is a compilation of relevant legal and authoritative citations and references in the area of school business management in the state of Iowa. The manual includes both school districts and AEAs. The manual is current to the 2011 Code of Iowa Supplement. The manual is updated each year following the release of the Iowa Code supplement.

Uniform Administrative Procedures Manual

UAP Introduction

UAP Chapter 1 - Governance

UAP Chapter 2 - Elections

UAP Chapter 3 - Meeting Minutes

UAP Chapter 4 - Student Attendance, Residency and Tuition

UAP Chapter 5 - School Foundation Formula

UAP Chapter 6 - Budgeting

UAP Chapter 7 - Financial Accounting

UAP Chapter 8 - Auditing

UAP Chapter 9 - Funds

UAP Chapter 10 - Categorical Funding

UAP Chapter 11 - Cash Debt Management

UAP Chapter 12 - Financial Management

UAP Chapter 13 - Property Management

UAP Chapter 14 - Transportation Management

UAP Chapter 15 - Information Management

UAP Chapter 16 - Human Resource Management

If you have suggestions or comments regarding content of the Uniform Administrative Procedures manual, please contact Tom Cooley.

Other Key Manuals for School District and AEA Operations

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