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Tuition and Fees


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This section includes answers to frequently asked questions related to determining resident district, determining the district fiscally responsible for tuition payment, and calculating tuition. Regular education tuition, other than open enrollment, is based on the district cost per pupil of the attending district. The district cost per pupil is also called the Maximum Tuition Rate.

Allowable Fees

Maximum Tuition Rates - multiple years  This document includes the maximum tuition rates that attending districts may charge resident districts for regular education.  It includes the current year maximum tuition rates and the previous two years of rates.  Each year appears in a different tab in this document.  Special education is based on the actual cost of the special education program rather than the maximum tuition rate.

Note:  The district cost per pupil for the newly reorganized North Union Community School District (effective July 1, 2014, FY15) would have been $6191 in FY14 if they had been reorganized in that fiscal year.  This information is only for use in interstate agreements and is not used for open enrollment or other tuition out purposes.

Open Enrollment Tuition

Open Enrollment tuition is based on the state cost per pupil from the previous fiscal year.  The amount of open enrollment tuition for the 2015-2016 school year for a regular education student is $6,366.  For a student served pursuant to an IEP, open enrollment tuition is calculated as the actual costs of the special education instructional program rather than the prior year's state cost per pupil amount.  Open enrollment tuition is billed and paid on a quarterly basis for FY16 but beginning with FY17 will be billed twice during the school year at the same time as other tuition.  Under special circumstances that terminate or suspend open enrollment status, it is necessary to prorate tuition for a payment on a per diem basis.

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Tuition Chart

Tuition information is included in chapter 4 of the Uniform Administrative Procedures manual. 

Tuition chart - This chart is an excerpt from chapter 4 of the UAP manual and covers the most common tuition situations.



Student Activity Fund FAQs - This is a large guidance document on student activities.  It includes a section on allowed and unallowed charges and fees to students.

Placement of Children with Disabilities Outside Resident District School Sites - Guidance for IEP teams and school officials about placements outside resident school district sites, including placements made by other agencies for non-educational reasons.

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