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School Budget Review Committee Exhibits and Applications


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Exhibits are public records, so confidentiality requirements should be observed. Exhibits include the following information:

1.  A single, one-page cover letter covering all the requests including:

  • Executive summary of the specific reasons for the request/s.
  • Specific dollar amount requested.
  • Identification of the name and title of the individuals who will represent the district at the hearing.
  • Identification of an emergency contact person with telephone number, FAX number, and e-mail address.

2.  Locally developed documentation supporting the request/s, not to exceed five (5) pages.  Include discussion of any information required or requested by the SBRC.  Do not include exhibits from the websites of the Department of Education or Department of Management.

3.  A copy of the school board minutes showing official action taken by the board authorizing the request to the SBRC prior to the hearing being requested or the application being certified

The district/AEA shall send a copy of the complete hearing packet: cover letter, exhibits, and board minutes, as an email attachment by the due date for that hearing session.  Use word or excel compatible formats for the electronic exhibits that allow for copy and paste, but do NOT use PDF, JPEG or similar picture formats.

Send the packet to, unless a different contact person is listed below.

Related Contact Information for SBRC Exhibits and Applications

Contact for Dropout Prevention Applications to the SBRC:

Contact for (1) Corrective Action Plans for Negative Unspent Balances, (2) Reorganization Progress Reports, and (3) SBRC application data collection:

Contact for (1) Special Education Deficit modified supplemental amount and Supplemental Aid Request or (2) Application for certified special education administrator in separate special education district facility or for special education program in private facility:

Contact for all Other Requests to the SBRC:


Exhibit Guidance

Based on historical decisions by the SBRC, the Department is providing guidance to districts on appropriate or required information to provide related to each Code subsection on which the SBRC may take action.  Each item listed in the guidance should be addressed in the exhibits.  As each set of exhibit guidance is developed, it will be added to this website.

Environmental Hazard Exhibit Guidance, Iowa Code subsection 257.31(6)

Corrective Action Plan Exhibits

The following document will be used by a district that has incurred a negative unspent authorized budget balance, but had a positive unspent authorized budget balance in the prior fiscal year. The plan should include reduction in expenditures of at least the same amount by which the district's unspent authorized budget balance was negative.

Corrective Action Plan

Topics for Consideration for Negative Unspent Balance Schools

SBRC Application

School districts that want to request modified supplemental amount from the School Budget Review Committee (SBRC) for the following specific requests authorized by Iowa Code may do so on an application form. The specific requests that are included on the application form include

  • increased enrollment
  • open enrollment out not on the prior year's count
  • limited English proficient programs beyond the five years of weightings.

The data collection, pre-populated from data reported by districts in the Student Reporting in Iowa (SRI) application, found at the Iowa Education Portal and is due no later than December 1.  Board minutes showing official action taken by the board authorizing the request to the SBRC are due prior to the certification of the application and are uploaded within the application.

SBRC Application Instructions




SBRC Hearing Information

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