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School Nutrition Staff Training Webcasts


School Nutrition Directors can utilize these 10-15 minute webcasts during staff training. The webcasts are narrated by the Iowa Team Nutrition Co-Director and include hands-on activities and quizzes to assess knowledge gained.  In addition, the Facilitator Guide provides links to additional trainings and resources to support the topic.

To receive Professional Standards Training Documentation for Iowa school staff that participated please e-mail Carrie at with the following information. This allows us to track usage for grant reporting:

  • Number of staff in attendance
  • Length of training
  • Date of training

School Wellness and Smart Snacks

An overview of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 that requires all local educational agencies participating in federal Child Nutrition programs to establish and implement local school wellness policies and follow Smart Snacks nutrition standards.

Cafeteria Coaching

Overview of the Cafeteria Coaching program, a youth-led program developed by ISU Extension and Outreach. Cafeteria Coaching provides an opportunity for youth to experience leadership, while influencing the younger generation with behavior changes.

Sodium in School Meals

Explore ways to reduce sodium in school meals, identify flavor trends, and how to set up a flavor station.

Pleasant and Positive Mealtimes at School

Identifies the important role school cafeterias play in helping children create positive relationships with food and share tips to make mealtime pleasant for students.

Civil Rights

The purpose of this training is to inform, train and educate child nutrition program staff (with non-administrative duties) regarding general USDA Civil Rights requirements and increase awareness of resources and information available to assist in carrying out Civil Rights responsibilities.

Practical Skills in School Meals

Provides an overview of practical skills and tools necessary to deliver safe and quality school meals.

Food Production Records

Provides an overview of the benefits and importance of keeping accurate production records for school meals. Tips will be provided to complete production records accurately and in a timely fashion.

Customer Service

Identifies the role customer service plays in school meals. A customer-focused program is a team effort. It begins with a school nutrition team that understands and is committed to the goal of helping students learn to make healthy food choices and practice healthy eating habits.

Build a Healthy Lunch

Provides an overview of the meal requirements for the National School Lunch Program, explanation of Offer vs. Serve, practice identifying a reimbursable meal, and strategies to encourage students to choose and enjoy fruits and vegetables. This webcast may be useful to share with school staff and teachers, in addition to school nutrition staff.

Build a Healthy Breakfast

Provides an overview of the meal requirements for the School Breakfast Program, explanation of Offer vs. Serve, the difference between an item and a component, and practice identifying a reimbursable breakfast.

Smarter Lunchroom Webcasts

Developed by the University of Iowa as part of a Smarter Lunchroom project with Iowa Team Nutrition. The webcasts are based on results of a Smarter Lunchroom project in 6 Iowa middle schools involving students and staff.

  • Think Like a Middle School Student - Healthy Eating in the Lunchroom (21 minutes): Covers basics on adolescent brain and social development as well as some facts on obesity, fruit and vegetable consumption and food insecurity in Iowa before focusing on what this means for food service staff. It concludes with a brief overview of behavioral economics and suggestive selling in the lunchroom.
  • Promoting Healthy Eating in the Lunchroom (15 minutes): Overview of behavioral economics and how food service staff can use principles of suggestive selling to encourage students to make healthier choices during the day.
  • What to do Next (15 minutes): Focus on tips and tricks for communicating with students to encourage healthy eating and discuss both verbal and non-verbal communication, and include specific examples of how to practice these suggestions on a daily basis.

Food Service Food Safety Training Videos (ISU Extension and Outreach):

  • Employee Health and Hygiene Video (8 minutes)
  • Time and Temperature Video (10 minutes)
  • Cleaning and Sanitizing Video (9 minutes)

Produce Safety Training Videos (Institute of Child Nutrition)

  • Receiving Fresh Produce (15 minutes)
  • Storing Fresh Produce (14 minutes 25 seconds)
  • What Went Wrong or Right?
    • Short videos that show different scenarios that can generate discussion of what is the right and wrong way to handle different situations.
      • Receiving Produce, Storing Produce, Preparing Produce, Serving Produce, Disgruntled Employee, Food Defense, Receiving Produce, Storing Produce, Preparing Produce, and Serving Produce

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