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School Wellness Bulletin Boards and Signage


A one stop shop for ideas for bulletin boards, signage, electronic message, murals, and wall quotes that can be used throughout the school to feature wellness messages to support the school wellness environment. Having fun, colorful signage and posters is a great way to make the cafeteria a warm and welcoming place and gives students the information they need to make healthy decisions.

Bulletin Boards

(most recent posted on top)

Make Time for Good Health
Snowing Healthy Lunches - Lamoni
Stuffed with Good Nutrition - Knoxville
Whooo is Ready for Lunch?
Say Boo to the Flu - Turkey Valley
What's on Your Plate Painting - Clarke
Fruit is Nature's Candy
Minion Reasons to Eat School Lunch - West Bend Mallard
I Spy with My Little Eye - Healthy Choices!
Get Outside and Bee Active - Knoxville
Get in My Belly, MyPlate - West Liberty
Snack Man - West Liberty
Have You Had Your 5 Today? - Lamoni
Do the D.A.B. - Deter All Bacteria
Oh, SNOW Good for You!
Peas & Love
Farm to School Month - MFL Mar Mac CSD
Hungry for Healthy Foods Monster
Make it a BERRY Awesome Year!
North Union - Got Balance?
Minon - Keep Calm and Eat a Banana
Dr. Seuss - Oh the Things You Can Do that are Good for You!
Star Wars - Lisbon Community Schools
Mirror, Mirror on the wall, Who is the healthiest of them all?
New Menu Items!
Teachers are Healthy, Too! Can You Guess Who?
Smiles Behind School Lunch
Build a Healthy School Year - Construction Theme
School Lunch is Cool! - Penguins
Launch Your Day with Breakfast - Space Theme
Taste the Rainbow- Fruit and Vegetables
School Lunch Hero Day - Norwalk CSD
What's on Your Tray
We Like to Move It, Move It
Water Your Body
Make the Most of Recess
Join Us for School Breakfast

WIC Bulletin Board Exchange
Greeley Schools - Greeley, Colorado Bulletin Board Resources
Marketing Nutrition: School Cafeteria Signage and Resources - List of resources created by Extension

Signage and Posters

April Fools: Fact or Fiction?
Awesomeness Sign
Brain Scan #getmoving
Breakfast Exploration
Build a Healthy Lunch
Build a Healthy Lunch Coloring Contest Sheet
Build a Healthy Lunch Menu
Crunch in Your Lunch - Carrots (Youth Leadership Institute)
Crunch in Your Lunch - Cucumbers (Youth Leadership Institute)
Crunch in Your Lunch - Apples (Youth Leadership Institute)
Don't Forget a Fruit or Veggie (green background)
Don't Forget a Fruit or Veggie (blue background)
Eat Pasta Run Fasta (Youth Leadership Institute)
Fruit and Vegetable Fact Sheets
Fruit and Vegetable Promotion Ideas
Food for Thought - Almonds (Youth Leadership Institute)
Get the Facts
Go Bananas (Youth Leadership Institute)
Have a Berry Nice Day (Youth Leadership Institute)
How Sweet is Your Valentine?
Jump with Jill Clipart for Menus/Boards
Lettuce Try Something New (Youth Leadership Institute)
Its Trying a New Vegetable
It's Trying a New Vegetable - Kale Poster
Social Media Use - Middle/High School (West Middle School - Greenwood Village, CO)
Peach Out (Youth Leadership Institute)
Peas Out (Youth Leadership Institute)
Teach Your Taste Buds
Team Nutrition Order Form for FREE Posters and Stickers

Wall Murals and Bulletin Boards

Pictures of Iowa Lunchrooms

Create Personalized School Wellness Messages

Van Buren CSD in Keosauqua, Iowa created posters featuring high school students and staff capturing their favorite subjects, ways to stay active, and snack choices. Van Buren Posters

Indianola Community Youth Foundation created nutrition banners that promote healthy eating habits and good character, featuring Indianola High School seniors. These seniors were nominated by their coaches as people who demonstrate excellent leadership skills and are great teammates. Indianola Nutrition Banners

Messages for Electronic Monitors

Electronic Health Messages for Schools - The students of Muscatine East Campus and Middle School created health messages for middle and high school students can be downloaded and displayed on monitors or on TVs in the cafeteria and throughout the school building to promote healthy eating and physical activity. 

Build a Healthy Lunch Today's Menu
School Breakfast

Cafeteria Wall Quotes

Eat Healthy – Be Active – Make a Difference

Eat Healthy to Live Healthy

Eat, Play, Be Healthy

Eat Smart. Play Hard.

Food for Thought Served Here

Friends are like peanut butter and jelly, they always stick together.

If you are what you eat, then you might as well eat something good. Ratatouille

ORANGE you glad it’s time to eat?

S.M.I.L.E. School Meals Improving Learning Environments

WARNING: daily exercise and healthy eating lead to increased awesomeness

You are BERRY awesome.

You are one in a MELON.

You are RAD (as in radish).


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