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USDA Foods Recipes by Chef Deanna Olson

Chef Deanna Olson worked with the USDA Foods Advisory Council to develop and standardize ten new recipes for schools utilizing USDA Foods, as part of a Team Nutrition grant.  The recipes include: Zesty Tex Mex Pasta Salad; Crunchy Bonzo Beans; Italian Try-Me Beans; Rockin Caesar Salad; Berry Cherry Power Bar; Honey Cinnamon Sweet Potatoes; Perfect Pinto Beans; Savory Black Beans; Strawberry Romaine Summer Salad; and Tangy Chicken Parmesan. The recipes were tested and sampled by students at Saydel, Central, Holy Family in Dubuque, Algona, Waukee, and Oelwein schools.  Student feedback was excellent!

Berry Cherry Power Bar
Crunchy Bonzo Beans
Honey Cinnamon Sweet Potatoes
Italian Try-Me Beans
Perfect Pinto Beans
Rockin' Ceasar Salad
Savory Black Beans
Strawberry Romaine Summer Salad
Tangy Chicken Parmesan
Zesty Tex Mex Pasta Salad

Flavor Shakers

Flavor Shakers - These low-sodium herb/seasoning mixtures can be mixed together and offered to students in a shaker to season their food as desired.  Chef Deanna Olson created the mixture combinations to appeal to students.

Flavor Shakers - CACFP  - Chef Deanna Olson created the low-sodium herb/seasoning mixtures to be utilized in childcare and schools to decrease sodium consumption.  They can be mixed together in a shaker to season food.  

Seasoning Mixtures - Developed by ISU Extension



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