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Smart Snacks in School


Recipes - Collection of from-scratch recipes that meet the Smart Snack regulations. Great for Family Consumer Sciences and Foods classes or school stores.

USDA Competitive Food Standards - A guide to USDA standards for competitive foods in schools, effective July 1, 2014

USDA Questions and Answers - Questions and answers to help clarify the Smart Snacks nutrition standards.

Smart Snacks in School Webinar - For school staff and wellness committees to learn more about the regulations that foods and beverages sold outside of a reimbursable meal must meet. The webinar addresses the changes from Healthy Kids Act to Smart Snacks and provided an overview of the Alliance for a Healthier Generation calculator.
Smart Snacks in School Webinar Slide Handout

Short Smart Snacks Presentation - Use this presentation to provide stakeholders with background information, including venues where the guidelines apply, the types of foods and beverages that will be allowed, and resources that are available to assist with implementation.

Smart Snacks in School - Lists all foods and beverages sold in school nutrition standards. Flyer includes nutrition standards, fundraiser and accompaniment standards, and links to additional information including nutrition calculator and product navigator.

Smart Snacks in School Brochure - Tri-fold brochure listing the Smart Snacks in School nutrition standard requirements for foods and beverages, accompaniments, and fundraisers sold to students during the school day.

USDA Smart Snacks Webpage - Provides an overview of Smart Snacks in School including a summary of the standards; regulation and policy, frequently asked questions and issue briefs; and available technical assistance.

Alliance for a Healthier Generation Smart Snacks Calculator - The Alliance for a Healthier Generation has developed an online Smart Snacks Product Calculator. USDA has thoroughly reviewed this tool and has determined it to be accurate in assessing food product compliance with the federal requirements for Smart Snacks in Schools.

Alliance for a Healthier Generation Product Navigator - The Alliance Product Navigator features snack, side, entrée and beverage products that meet the USDA Smart Snacks in School Guidelines from leading manufacturers.

Printed from the Iowa Department of Education website on February 11, 2016 at 9:20pm.