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Healthy Kids Act Toolkit

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1.Healthy Kids Act Flyer
2.Sample Newsletter Web Site Article (.pdf) 2 - Sample Newsletter and Web Site Article (.doc)
3.Foods Brought From Home
4.MyPyramid Tip Sheet
5.Game On Wellness Fact Sheet
6.MyPyramid Tips for Families
7.AFHK Tip Sheet Parents

School Staff

1.Nutritional Content Standards At a Glance
2.A To Do List for Schools
3.Foods Assessment Tool 
4.Sample Foods List 
5.Role Modeling Handout
6.Ideas for Combating Student Resistance
7.Pick a Better Snack Tools
8.Action for Healthy Kids Flyer
9.Live Healthy Iowa Flyer
10.AFHK Helping Youth Make Better Food Choices
11.Non-food Alternatives for School Rewards and Fundraising
12.What Schools Can Do to Promote Healthy Eating


Fact Sheet

1.Just the Facts
2.Use Low-fat Milk, Cheese, and Yogurt
3.Jazz Up Your Menu With Fruits
4.Serve More Whole Grains
5.Trim Trans Fat
6.Meet the Challenge of Rising Food Costs
7.Vary Your Vegetables
8.Be Salt Savvy - Cut Back on Sodium
9.Include Fiber-Rich Foods
10.Limit Saturated Fat and Cholesterol
11. Serve More Dry Beans and Peas



1.Morning Announcements
2.Physical Activity Resources
3.Live Healthy Iowa Kids Flyer
4.Students Taking Charge Information
5.Game On! Flyer
6.MyPyramid for Kids Poster
7.MyPyramid Mini Poster
8.Enjoy Moving Poster


This toolkit was created through a Wellmark Foundation Grant, Building on the Healthy Kids Act Opportunity. It was designed to assist schools in the implementation of the Healthy Kids Act Nutritional Content Standards for a la carte, vending, and regulated fundraising. Resources are divided up by their target audience and can be distributed in hard-copy format or electronically.

Printed from the Iowa Department of Education website on April 18, 2014 at 8:20pm.