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CACFP Nutrition and Physical Activity Card Sets

The following award-winning resources were developed with Team Nutrition grant funding in partnership with several agencies and organizations. Designed to be an early intervention strategy to address childhood obesity, the resources provide hands on suggestions to help childcare providers implement the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. The resources were developed to make it easy to include health-enhancing components in childcare. The materials were originally designed as three sets of pocket sized cards, laminated and held together by a ring. The informal easy-to-use format was chosen to communicate, "This is easy, fun...and I can do it". While the online version will not match the original format, the content is the same.

  • Healthy Snacks and Physical Activities or Early Childhood Programs - A card set supporting the 2010 Dietary Guidelines that provides healthy snack ideas and fun physical activities. The card set is in a similar format as the “Physical Activities and Healthy Snacks for Young Children” card set that was based on the 2005 Dietary Guidelines.
  • Physical Activities and Healthy Snacks for Young Children - A set of cards developed for caregivers giving specific ideas for nearly 50 physical activities and healthy snacks based on the 2005 Dietary Guidelines. Each snack card has a coordinated snack menu with serving sizes listed for a CACFP preschool snack. The snack cards include a suggested literacy connection for each recipe. There are corresponding physical activity ideas with directions that include a formation diagram, description to help set up the activity, instructions on how to play, a plan for use and age expectations for the activity.
  • Setting the Stage: Nutrition and Physical Activity Lessons for Early Childhood Settings - Lesson plans that include use of the activity cards and appropriate, effective use of television. They incorporate Team Nutrition messages into learning centers, the format most often used in early childhood education. The set includes four lessons each with a variety of activities. Lessons:
    • Food, Physical Activity and My Body
    • Food, Physical Activity and My Family
    • Food, Physical Activity and My Community
    • Food, Physical Activity and My World.
  • Setting the Stage: Policies and Best Practices for Nutrition and Physical Activity in Early Childhood Settings - An adaptation of Changing the Scene, a resource developed by USDA to help improve nutrition environments in schools, to early childhood settings. It includes a self-assessment checklist to help providers identify what they are doing well and areas for improvement. In addition, the resource includes suggested policies and best practices to promote a healthy nutrition and physical activity environment in the early childhood setting.
  • Setting the Stage: Nutrition and Physical Activity Lessons for Child Development Homes - Lessons are intended to offer suggested nutrition activities in the early childhood setting, with special interest for child development homes. The cards were developed to supplement the other Early Childhood Card sets on this page. The cards include lessons on vitamin A, vitamin C, whole grains, calcium and iron. The goal is that children ages 3-5 will begin to understand the need for eating a diet rich in variety and that eating these nutrients can help lead to a long and healthy life.
  • No to Low Cost Ways to Promote Physical Activity - A card set supporting the Iowa Team Nutrition grant objective to provide fun and interactive physical activity for children, teachers, parents, and other caregivers by showcasing low to no cost equipment and activity ideas. The "Junk Equipment" cards were prepared by Ripley Marston, Professor of Health, Physical Education and Leisure Services at the University of Northern Iowa. The "Pavement Paintings" cards were prepared by Carrie Scheidel, M.P.H., Iowa Department of Education. The "Stories in Motion" cards were prepared by Jennifer Neal, Iowa Department of Education. This set is a supplement to the existing Iowa Team Nutrition Setting the Stage cards that promote nutrition and physical activity.

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