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School Meals


Eligibility and Verification - These training webinars cover determining eligibility and the verification completion and reporting process.

New Manager Webinar Series

New Manager Webinar #1 January 11, 2017, “What’s My Job Description?"

New Manager Webinar #2 February 8, 2017, Menus and Food Production

New Manager Webinar #3 – March 8, 2017, “Serving Success”

USDA Foods Webinars

USDA Foods and DoD Program Sign up SY 17-18 – February 2017

What's New in School Nutrition Monthly Webinars

Annual Review of HACCP Plan - May 2017

Presentation Slides for Annual Review of HACCP Food Safety Plan
Documentation for Professional Standards Training What’s New in School Nutrition May 2017
Links to HACCP/Food Safety Resources
Prerequisite Checklist for HACCP Plan
Food Safety Checklist

Using the Financial Report in IowaCNP – April 2017

Presentation Slides for Using the Financial Report in IowaCNP
Documentation for Professional Standards Training What’s New in School Nutrition April 2017 

Overcoming the Challenge of Unpaid Meals – February 2017 

Smarter Lunchroom Resources – March 2017

USDA Foods:  Basics of Using Your Planned Assistance Level (PAL) - January 23, 2017

Marketing School Meals to Increase Participation - November 2016

Step by Step through the Procurement Plan - October 2016

Documentation for Professional Standards Training
Presentation Slides
Procurement Plan Template
Procurement Plan Sample
Procurement Requirements Handout
Procurement History Worksheet
Procurement Questions and Answers

Preparing for an Administrative Review - September 2016

Starting the School Year Right - August 2016

2016-2017 Iowa Free and Reduced Price Application Materials - June 2016

Reporting Nonprogram Food Costs: How and Why - May 2016

Smart Snacks and School Wellness Policies - April 2016

 Menu Planning Resources - March 2016

PLE Tool Information -  February 2016

USDA Professional Standards - January 2016 

2016 Summer Short Course Workshops

2016 Manager Update Presentation

2016 New Manager Orientation

Eligibility 101
USDA Foods
Financial Implications
Food Safety
School Nutrition Resources
Guidelines and Resources for New School Nutrition Directors

2016 Healthy School Meals

Meal Pattern 101
Nutrition Fundamentals
Child Nutrition (CN) Labels
Offer vs. Serve
Required Documentation for School Meals
Standardized Recipe - Recipe Crediting Tool for Determining Components
Smart Snacks - Updates and Resource
Team Nutrition Resources

Other School Meal Webinars

Elements of a Solicitation Document - April 2016

The webinar discusses the nine elements of a solicitation document. The advantages and disadvantages of types of contract that can be awarded is provided. The webinar provides a checklist of the required provisions be included in a solicitation document. Provisions to be included in the solicitation for a cost reimbursable contract is provided. The target audience for the webinar includes individuals who are involved in purchasing for Child Nutrition Programs (CNP) such as superintendents, business managers, and school foodservice directors.

Kids in the Kitchen: Summer Food Service Program

USDA Foods Diverted Foods SY 16-17 - March 2016

Methods of Procurement - details on both the informal and formal methods

Healthy Schools - It's a Team Effort! Webinar

  • Presentation Slides
  • Learn how to incorporate more nutrition education and physical activity into the school day

Procurement - An Introduction

Components of a Procurement Plan

Cafeteria Coaching Webinar

Financial Implications for School Nutrition Webcast

Rise and Shine! It’s Breakfast Time!

Iowa School Meal Programs Web-based Tutorials - Overview of School Meal Programs, Determining Eligibility, Food Bars, Food Buying Guide, Food Labels, Food Production Records, Food Safety, Verifying Eligibility, Food Service Management Company Contracting, Iowa USDA Foods, Meal Counting. Meal Pattern, Offer Versus Serve, School Wellness Policy, Smart Snacks in School, Standardized Recipes, and Team Nutrition


Civil Rights Training for Participating Organizations in Child Nutrition Programs

Documentation for Menu Planning Presentation

Iowa School Meal Programs Financial Report

IowaCNP Resources

RCCI Training ICN June 2010

Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP)


CACFP Annual Audit Survey Instructions Webinar (2017)

New Healthier CACFP Meal Pattern Implementation Webinar (2016) Presentation Slides

FY 2015 Center Application Renewal Webinar (2014)

Spend Smart Eat Smart in Childcare Webinar (2012)



CACFP Child Care Lessons for Staff Training

CACFP Healthy Menu Makeover Online Learning Module

CACFP Short Course - 2015

CACFP Nutrition and Physical Activity Card Sets

Steps to Success Workshops for Center Organizations Fiscal Year 2016

Civil Rights Training for Participating Organizations in Child Nutrition Programs

Emergency Preparedness Resources (2010)

Pass the Peaches, Please Child Care Resources (2013)

Smarter Mealtime Scorecard - CACFP

Spring into CACFP Success Workshop Resources (2014)

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