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Food Safety


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The Department of Education, Bureau of Nutrition and Health Services does not have a formal process for alerting Child Nutrition Programs of food recalls and alerts unless it is a USDA Foods Product. Further, the Department is not the agency with authority to manage other recalls.

School Program participants are notified of USDA Foods Product alerts and recalls through an e-mail system (the School Food Authority is responsible for keeping their emergency contact e-mail address on file with the Bureau current) and posting to the Bureau web site.

Even though the agency does not manage recalls and alerts of other food items, this web site will include postings of such items that probably have a strong likelihood of being served in a Child Nutrition Program, CACFP, SP, or SFSP. These postings will occur as DE becomes aware of them, but usually with some time lag. Postings will be for approximately 6 months.

For the most current list of unsafe, hazardous or defective products, six federal agencies with vastly different jurisdictions have joined together to create -- a "one stop shop" for U.S. Government recalls.

FNS has made arrangements to allow users to self register for email notifications for potential commodity food safety events. Click here to self-register for email alerts of potential food issues from the USDA.

Biosecurity Checklist for School Foodservice Programs


USDA Foods Distribution


No Recalls at this time.


Hold on Canned Applesauce

Picture of Snokist Applesauce can."FDA is investigating certain lots of SnoKist Brand applesauce (sold by Pacific Coast Producers) after receiving a report of illnesses in a North Carolina school that associated with the product. All of the ill children recovered quickly.

Preliminary investigation may implicate product produced on January 24, 2011. While FDA continues its investigation at the packing plant, States should hold product produced on that day and advise schools not to serve that product.

All of the potentially implicated product was applesauce packed in #10 cans intended for Schools (A350). The can codes are in the format 16047 P08XX, where XX is a two letter code. 16047 is the plant code for the product/pack size. P08 is the code for that production day, and the two letter code (found on the attached distribution list) is for the production period during the day.

Applesauce Shipments

Formulas and Baby Food


No recalls at this time.


No alerts at this time.

Selected Purchased Food Product Postings


Peanut Butter Recall

By now, you have probably heard about the recalls related to peanut butter products. Please note that these recalls DO NOT involve commodity peanut butter provided by USDA to State agencies/ITOs for distribution through the various food assistance programs. However, schools and other organizations who purchase peanut butter or products containing peanut butter commercially for use in meal service should be aware of the various recalls in effect. A link to FDA news releases can be found at, and when you get to that website you can scroll down to "What Products Have Been Recalled?" and click on that heading to get more information.

If we receive additional information we will pass it along. We encourage you to monitor the enclosed website for the latest information.


No alerts at this time.


Official Site for ALL U.S. Government Recalls


Process Approach to HACCP

School Food Safety Program - Process Approach to HACCP
The Child Nutrition Program Reauthorization requires the creation of a school Food Safety Program based on the process approach to a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) food safety system. This local Food Safety Program must be in use by the beginning of school, fall 2006. Below is a document that provides links to the basic information about the Food Safety Program regulation. It also provides additional websites, for further information and resources.


HACCP Resources and References

HACCP Resources and References - Guidance document for School Food Authorities to use in developing the required School Food Safety Program based on the Process Approach to HACCP.

HAACP Principles Pt1 Presentation - School Food Safety Program: Process Approach to HACCP Principles, Part 1 - Presentation

HAACP Principles Pt2 Presentation - School Food Safety Program: Process Approach to HACCP Principles, Part 2 -Presentation

HACCP SOP for K-12 or Childcare Purchasing of Produce Direct from Producer - HACCP Standard Operating Procedures document for School Food Authorities to use when developing a HACCP Standard Operating Procedure to be used when buying local produce.

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