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Bureau of Nutrition and Health Services CACFP Memos and recent email updates.


2018/03/16 - CACFP Updates for 3/16/2018: USDA Comment Period Extended; New Recipes; FBG Mobile App; CACFP Conference; Team Nutrition Message and Resources; 5210 Posters; Farm to CACFP Survey; Grant 
2018/02/15 - CACFP Updates for 2/15/2018: Training Worksheets; State Agency Reviews; Infant Feeding Updates; Whole Grain Lists; CACFP Facebook Page; National CACFP Week; CACFP Conference; Food Safety News
2018/02/08 - CACFP Updates for 2/8/2018: Posters; USDA Webinars; Farm to CACFP; CACFP Manual Updates; Iowa Learning Online Update; Crediting Cheese; CACFP Conference; Claim Calendar; Past Memos and Updates
2018/01/09 - CACFP Updates for 1/9/2018: USDA Seeks Public Input;  USDA New Meal Patter Webinar on Milk; Training for Pricing Centers; Steps to Success Update; CACFP Conference; ICN Updates


2017/12/26 - CACFP Updates for 12/26/2017: Grain Policy Clarification; Frozen Yogurt; USDA New Meal Pattern Webinars; Recipe Request; Diet Modification Requests; Audits; Hand Washing Kits
2017/11/13 - CACFP Updates for 11/13/2017: USDA Webinar on Creditable Yogurt; Staff Mealtime Behaviors Matter
2017/10/25 - CACFP Updates for 10/25/2017: New Grain and Infant Memos; USDA Webinars; Product Calculator; Afterschool Meals Call
2017/10/11 - CACFP Updates for 10/11/2017: Application Renewal; New Meal Pattern Implementation; USDA Webinars; New Food Buying Guide; New Meal Pattern Posters; Report: Healthier Nutrition Standards Benefit Kids
2017/07/28 - CACFP UPDATES FOR 7/28/17: New Reimbursement Rates; FY 2018 Application Renewal Webinar; New Meal Pattern Webinar; CACFP Manual
2017/07/05 - CACFP Updates for 7/5/2017: FY 2018 CACFP Center Application Renewal Instructions
2017/07/03 - CACFP Memos for 7/3/2017: Graham Crackers and Animal Crackers now Creditable; Food Production Record Changes
2017/06/29 - CACFP Memos and Updates for 6/29/2017: New Meal Pattern Training; FY 2018 Application Renewal; Additional Webinars; CACFP Manual; Modifications to Accommodate Disabilities; Summer Recipes; State Auditors
2017/05/19 - CACFP Update for 5/19/2017: Cheese & Peanut Butter Sandwiches Training Resource; Application Renewal Schedule; Summer Food Service Program; New Meal Pattern Updates
2017/04/28 - New Meal Pattern Forms, Training, and Worksheets; CACFP Administrative Manual; Other CACFP Resources


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