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CACFP At-Risk Program


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How do I apply for the CACFP At-Risk Program?
In Iowa, the State agency that administers the At-Risk Program is the Department of Education. Call the Iowa Department of Education, Bureau of Nutrition and Health for more information at 515-281-5356.

Is my afterschool care program in an eligible area?
In order for a site to participate, your program must be "area eligible." An afterschool care program site is "area eligible" if it is located in the attendance area of a school where at least 50 percent of the enrolled children are eligible for free or reduced price meals. Afterschool care programs can use free and reduced price meal data from elementary, middle, or high schools to document a site as "area eligible." You must also provide children with regularly scheduled educational or enrichment activities in a supervised environment.

How do we get reimbursed?
Programs may claim reimbursement for one snack and one meal per child, per day. All snacks and meals that meet the CACFP meal pattern are reimbursed at the free rate. Sites may not charge for snacks served to eligible participants.

What type of meals and snacks must be served in my program?
In order to be reimbursed, the snacks must contain at least two different components of the following four: a serving of skim or 1% fluid milk; a serving of meat or meat alternate; a serving of vegetable(s) or fruits(s) or juice; a serving of whole grain or enriched bread and/or cereal.

Lunches must include a serving of skim or 1% fluid milk; a serving of meat or meat alternate; two servings of vegetable(s) and/or fruit or juice; and a serving of whole grain or enriched bread and/or cereal. Breakfasts must include a serving of skim or 1% fluid milk; a serving of vegetable(s) or fruits or juice; and a serving of whole grain or enriched bread and/or cereal. Meal patterns are posted below.

What times of the day/year may meals and snacks be claimed?
Meals and snacks may be reimbursed under CACFP after the school day has ended and at any time of day on weekends, holidays, and vacation periods during the school year. In extended school day program, meals may be claimed before the end of the school day.

What records must be maintained?
Your State agency will provide you with specific information on the reporting and record keeping requirements. You will need to maintain a daily roster or sign-in sheet for participating children. Additionally, you must record and report the total number of snacks you prepare and serve each day, and document compliance with the CACFP meal pattern. The CACFP meal pattern is posted below.

Which type of program should I choose? Outside School Hour Child Care (OSHCC) or "At-Risk"?
The Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) has two special types of serving sites (OSHCC and At-Risk Program) that are well suited for part-day childcare operations (usually before school hours, or after school hours or both before and after school hours). Your part-day childcare site(s) operation may be independent, located separately from your full-day childcare center or located within your full-day childcare center but serving a group of older children distinctly separate from the full-day children.

If you have a part-day childcare, use the following information to determine if you are eligible, whether the OSHCC or the At-Risk Program best suites your part-day childcare needs, and whether or not you wish to submit an OSHCC or At-Risk Site Application.

You must first contact the State Agency before submitting a new site application.

You are qualified for an OSHCC when you:

  • Serve a separate group of children through 12 years of age before/after normal school hours, usually during the school year, school vacations and during the summer.
  • Serve breakfast or afternoon snack or both.
  • Are located anywhere in a licensed/license-exempted facility.
  • Collect free and reduced-price Iowa eligibility applications if you claim reimbursement at free or reduced-price rates.

You are qualified for the At-Risk Program when you:

  • Serve a separate group of children up to age 18 years after normal school hours during the school year, that may include weekends and school vacations.
  • Serve an afterschool snack and/or meal.
  • Are located in a licensed or license-exempted facility located within an eligible low-income area (in the attendance area of an elementary, middle or high school where 50% or children are eligible for free or reduced-price meals). All meals and snacks are automatically reimbursed at the free rate.


CACFP At-Risk Meal Pattern
CACFP At-Risk Monthly Menu Form
CACFP At-Risk Daily Meal Count Form
CACFP At-Risk Attendance Form
CACFP At-Risk Sample Cycle Menu
CACFP At-Risk USDA Handbook
CACFP At-Risk Brochure
CACFP Sponsored At-Risk Program (Site) Review Form

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