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Safe Schools

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Providing safe and secure learning environments is important to Iowa schools. The following information is provided to help school leaders plan for possible crisis situations, including natural disasters and violent incidents. In addition, the safety tips and action steps for parents and students are also included.


Iowa School Safety Products - A guide, flip charts, self assessment and threat report form created for Iowa schools by various agencies and associations. School leaders are encouraged make these materials their own. The goal is to get all stakeholders on the same page when it comes to school safety.

Safe Schools Leadership Handbook: A Technical Assistance Guide - a 563 page handbook for school leaders.

Important School Safety Tips

Safe Schools Tips for Parents

Safe Schools Action Steps for Students

Threat Assessment in Schools: A Guide to Managing Threatening Situations and to Creating Safe School Climates - A guidance document issued by the USDE and the US Secret Service for school personnel, law enforcement officials, and others with responsibilities for safe school environments. The guide includes suggestions for developing a threat assessment team, steps to take when a threat or other information of concern comes to light, consideration about when to involve law enforcement, information sharing issues, and ideas for creating safe school climates.

ABC's of School Safety - Resource from the American Association of School Administrators.


The sites listed below link to information on consumer product safety, emergency preparedness and management, and the physical security of school occupants during natural disasters, accidents, and criminal acts and other man-made threats.


Iowa Homeland Security and Emergency Management


U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission

USDE Readiness and Emergency Management for Schools

NASP School Safety and Crisis Resources - The National Association of School Psychologists has assembled quality resources to promote the ability of children and youth to cope with traumatic or unsettling events.

NCEF Disaster Preparedness and Response For Schools

Video from Safe Schools Issues Sessions

NOTE: The following videos are from a series of informational sessions about safe schools.


Session 1

Pam Pfitzenmaier - introduction, resources, and purpose for this and future sessions (10 minutes)

Mary Gannon & Carol Greta - policy and legal issues for schools, new legislation, and revisiting crisis plans (30 minutes)

Bob Jester - safe facilities and risk factors for school buildings (30 minutes)

Max Christensen - school transportation and communication needs (5 minutes)

Ken Clary - establishing and maintaining partnerships with law enforcement (10 minutes)


Session 2

Jane Todey - welcome and overview of session

Thomas Mayes - legal requirements relating to special education (10 minutes)

Eric Gettes (AEA 9 school psychologist) - summary of threat assessment and the Safe Schools initiative (30 minutes)

Pam Rodewald (Fort Dodge School District) - Ten lessons learned (15 minutes)

Dwight Widen (St. Ansgar School District) - Experience on building relationships (15 minutes)

Kay Rosene (West Des Moines School District) - Threats that occur in the community located near schools (10 minutes)


Session 3

Eric Neessen (Consultant of School Psychological Services) - introduction and review of sessions (5 minutes)

Jane Todey (Consultant of Learning Supports) - data on safety issues from the IYS (10 minutes)

Jan Kuhl (Consultant for Career Education and Guidance Counseling) - addressing learning environment concerns (10 minutes)

Tracey Adamowski (Iowa PTA) - engaging parents, building relationships, and sharing information (20 minutes)

Bret Voorhees (Homeland Security and Emergency Management) - collaborative efforts with other agencies within the community (15 minutes)

Eric Neessen (Consultant of School Psychological Services) - conclusion, overview summary, additional resources (10 minutes)

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