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Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS)

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Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) are a multi-tiered continuum of supports for all students in the school environment. Supported by the Iowa Department of Education, PBIS provides schools with the framework and organizational plan to promote and maximize academic achievement and behavioral competence for all students.

The U.S. Department of Education's Office of Special Education Programs Technical Assistance Center on PBIS indicates there are 21,278 schools implementing PBIS in the United States and other countries including Australia, Iceland, New Zealand, and Canada. Since 2002, PBIS has continued to grow in Iowa. Currently, more than 550 schools are implementing PBIS in 107 districts around the state.


All schools in Iowa will implement a sustainable, multi-tiered system of support focusing on safe, healthy, and caring learning environments that include well defined systems, practices, and data at each tier, resulting in improved behavioral and academic outcomes.


March 2015 PBIS Newsletter

Winter 2013 PBIS Newsletter

2015-2016 Coordinators and Contacts

Keystone AEA 1 - DeAnne Blanchard
AEA 267 - Jackie Fober
Prairie Lakes AEA 8 - Melissa Wurth, Lorie Spanjers, Julie Nadrchal
Mississippi Bend AEA 9 - Jill Yates, Barb Brunkan
Grant Wood AEA 10 - Tammy Beener, Mary Andres
Heartland AEA 11 - Rebecca Carver, Andrea Matheson, Brenda Gerdes
Northwest AEA - Jennifer Collins
Green Hils AEA - Val Giegerich
Great Prairie AEA - Shelli Blazic
Des Moines Public Schools - Kristi Eckard
Sioux City Schools - Sandra O’Brien
Davenport Public Schools - Sarah Harris
Waterloo Public Schools - Jessica Powers
Iowa Department of Education - Kay Augustine, School Climate Transformation Grant Project Manager
Iowa Department of Education - Susan Bruce, School Climate Transformation Grant Coaching Coordinator

PBIS Annual Report

2013-2014 PBIS Annual Report

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is required to be a PBIS Iowa “trained” school?

  1. A representative, school-based PBIS Leadership Team has been established with supportive and involved administration.
  2. All team members have attended and completed the full school-wide training series as provided by a recognized state trainer.

What is required to be a PBIS Iowa PBIS Implementing school?

  1. The School-based PBIS Leadership Team fulfilled training requirements.
  2. Staff utilizes school-wide systems and practices that are developed and evaluated through a team based process.
  3. The school-based leadership team actively engages in data based decision making and meets deadlines for data submission each school year.

How does a school become inactive?

  1. The school withdraws and submits an amended School Profile to the AEA PBIS Coordinator.
  2. The school does not meet the data submission deadlines for two consecutive data reporting periods in the same school year.


The following schools, listed by AEA, are currently implementing Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports. An implementing PBIS school must meet specific criteria. This criteria includes:

  1. Administration and faculty commit to participation in a three-year cycle of training during which universal, secondary, and tertiary systems are developed and implemented.
  2. School-based leadership team meets regularly and engages in a process of decision making using implementation, student and perception data.
  3. Development of a prevention system that includes the establishment of school -wide expectations, procedures for teaching and acknowledging appropriate behavior, and procedures to correct and discourage undesirable behaviors.
  4. Establishment of an information system in which discipline data are gathered, summarized, and reported to support problem solving and decision making at the school, district, AEA and state levels.

2012-2013 PBIS Schools

New PBIS Teams in 2012-2013

The yearly increase in the number of schools supported through training and coaching of Universal Supports in PBIS.

Recognition Awards

The Iowa PBIS Leadership Team recognizes schools that demonstrate success and sustainability of implementation at the Universal, Secondary and Tertiary levels. Schools that want to be recognized for their implementation of PBIS are required to submit an application along with evidence supporting the criteria for one of the three awards: Honor, Banner and Paramount. AEA PBIS Coordinators can provide additional information and the application.

Year School AEA Type
2012 West Delaware Middle 1 Honor
2012 Lambert Elementary 1 Honor  
2012 Sioux Central Elementary 8 Honor  
2012 Grant Wood Elementary 9 Honor
2012 LeMars Gehlen Catholic NW Honor  
2012 Roosevelt Middle 1 Banner
2012 Clayton Ridge Middle 1 Banner  
2012 Clayton Ridge Elementary 1 Banner  
2012 Sunset Heights Elementary 8 Banner  
2012 West Sioux Elementary NW Banner  
2012 Stratford Elementary  8 Paramount
2012 East Sac Elementary (Sac City Center) 8 Paramount 
2012 East Sac Elementary (Wall Lake Center) 8 Paramount 
2011 Sioux Central Elementary 8 Honor
2011 Graettinger-Terill Comm. 8 Honor 
2011 Phillips MS (Ft. Dodge) 8 Honor 
2011 Webster City MS  8 Honor 
2011 Centennial Elementary (SE Polk) 11 Honor 
2011 Lakewood Elementary (Norwalk) 11 Honor 
2011 Sacred Heart School (Bishop Heelen) NW Honor 
2011 West Sioux Elementary NW Honor 
2011 Lou Henry Elementary (Waterloo) 267 Honor 
2011 Clayton Ridge MS 1 Banner
2011 Eleanor Roosevelt MS (Dubuque) 1 Banner
2011 Robert Blue MS (Eagle Grove) 8 Banner
2011 Sunset Heights Elementary (Webster City) 8 Banner
2011 Sac City Elementary 8 Paramount
2010 Whittier Elementary (Clinton) 9 Honor
2010 Sioux Central Elementary 8 Honor
2010 East Sac Elementary 8 Paramount
2010 Stratford Elementary 8 Paramount

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