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Iowa Youth Survey


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The Iowa Youth Survey (IYS) is a collaborative effort conducted by the Iowa Department of Public Health, the iowa Department of Education, the Office of Drug Control Policy, the Iowa Department of Human Services, and the Division of Criminal and Juvenile Justice Planning in the Department  of Human Rights.  The Iowa Department of Public Health is the lead agency, and host the main website for the Iowa Youth Survey.

The IYS has been administered in Iowa since 1975 but has undergone significant changes over time.  Since 1999, the survey has been administered to almost all of the 6th, 8th, and 11th grade students in the state.  As a result, the IYS has become a "census" survey that reflects the perceptions, attitudes, and behaviors of Iowa youth.  In 2014, a total of 77,139 student surveys were completed and included in analyses.

Summary Reports

Iowa Youth Survey reports list responses to every question on the survey, providing total percentages and breakdowns by grade and gender. The data have been reported in various ways to meet the needs of state, regional, and local planners.  When these reports do not meet the needs of schools, AEA and DE staff are available to provide guidance and needed data analysis support.

Reports in the following categories are available at

  • State of Iowa
  • Counties
  • Judicial Districts
  • Department of Public Health Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Planning Regions
  • Area Education Agencies

Also available is the Iowa Youth Survey Trend Report which contains comparisons across all surveys using a youth development results framework.

District Reports

The 2014 Iowa Youth Survey district reports and district trend reports are now available!

These reports are available for all districts that:

  • Took the IYS in Fall 2014, and
  • Had enough students participate to receive a report.

If you are a district employee, please use the following steps to download your district's report from the DE's secure site:

  1. Have a Portal user with “Download – DE to District” access login to the Iowa Education Portal.
    1. This is typically the superintendent and anyone s/he gives access.
  2. Under EdInfo, click on “Download – DE to District.” A new screen will appear with your district’s IYS reports since 2010. The 2014 report ends in 2014.
  3. Click on the name of the file to open it, then save it to your local computer.

If you are not a district employee, but are interested in having access to the IYS report for a particular district, please contact that district directly to request a copy of the report.

2016 IYS Registration

Registration for the 2016 Iowa Youth Survey (IYS) is now open! To register your district to participate or to opt out of participation in the 2016 IYS, please visit the registration site by April 29, 2016. The Superintendent must first enter the system and can then appoint someone else to complete the process.

The registration site includes information necessary for participation, including the “Agreement to Participate” and “AEA Data Release” forms. These forms may only be signed electronically and are available to be saved or printed directly from the system. All districts should complete the “Agreement to Participate” form whether your district intends to participate or not in the 2016 Iowa Youth Survey. If this form is not completed, you will receive follow-up messages. You can avoid receiving follow-up messages by thoroughly completing the registration process.

Detailed instructions on the registration process may be found on the “Help Page” of the registration website. Please direct questions about registration to DeShauna Jones at and general IYS questions to

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