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English Language Learners


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According to Iowa Code section 280.4, a limited English proficient student is defined as follows: "a student's language background is in a language other than English, and the student's proficiency in English is such that the probability of the student's academic success in an English-only classroom is below that of an academically successful peer with an English language background." The term English Language Learners (ELL) will replace the term Limited English Proficient (LEP).

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Title III - Part A - English Language Acquisition,
Language Enhancement and Academic Achievement

The Title III program assists states and school districts in teaching English to limited English proficient students, including immigrant students, and helping these students meet the same challenging academic standards expected of all students. The program accomplishes this by providing, through state allocations, federal funds to eligible agencies to address the language and achievement needs of English Language Learners (ELL). Each state is required to use 95% of its allocation for subgrants to eligible agencies. These funds are to be used for:

  1. increasing English proficiency by providing programs based on scientifically based research demonstrating effectiveness in increasing English proficiency and achievement in core academic subjects, and
  2. provide high-quality professional development to teachers, principals, administrators, and other school and community-based organization personnel.

Other authorized activities include:

  1. upgrading programs and services, including improving instructional programs, curricula, instructional materials, and assessment procedures;
  2. providing tutorial and academic or vocational education, or intensified instruction for ELL
  3. coordinating programs and services with other relevant programs, services, and providers
  4. providing community participation programs, family literacy services, and parent outreach and training. School districts with a significant increase in their immigrant student population compared to the previous 2-year period may be eligible for funds to serve immigrant students.

Title III General Information

Language Instruction for Limited English Proficient and Immigrant Students

Developing a LAU Plan

Writing a Corrective Action Plan

District Self Study Guide


ELP Standards and Assessments

The IELDA is the growth measure used to assess English language proficiency (it is not a placement test). The TELPA is the screener used as a  placement measure. Guidance for accommodating ELLs in district’s academic content assessments in mathematics, reading, and science is found in the document, Iowa Guidelines for K-12 ELL Participation in District-wide Assessments.

DE policy is that recently arrived ELLs, including those who have refused ESOL services, who have not been enrolled for a full academic year in US schools may be exempt from one administration of the Iowa's NCLB AYP test for reading (Iowa Assessments). However, these students’ IELDA results will count towards NCLB AYP participation in Reading. If the IELDA is used for the NCLB reading participation in lieu of the Iowa Assessment reading subtest, for ELLs who are new (first year students), the district needs to report to the Iowa Department of Education so that the information can be included in the annual AYP student participation counts.

Title I Flexibility for New English Language Learner Arrivals - If the Iowa-ELDA is used for the NCLB reading participation in lieu of the Iowa Assessments reading subtest, for ELLs who are new (first year students), the district needs to report to the Iowa Department of Education so that the information can be included in the annual AYP student participation counts. Please use the following form to ensure these recent arrival students are properly counted for AYP. The information should be provided by June 30th on an annual basis.

Iowa Guidelines for K-12 ELL Participation in Districtwide Assessments - Provides Iowa school districts with guidance in the implementation of English language proficiency standards.

Guidelines for Implementing English Language Proficiency Standards in Iowa - Provides Iowa school districts with guidance in the implementation of English language proficiency standards.


Ordering the TELPA

All materials should be ordered from Iowa Testing Program using one of the two listed options.

Users need a login ID and password to access Iowa Testing's ordering site.

  1. Obtain a User ID/password to access the site.  The user ID and password can be created at ITP or by users in the district with the appropriate User role authority. For assistance contact David Henkhaus at
  2. Ask district/building colleagues who order the Iowa Assessments to login and order the materials on your behalf.

Go to:

Once in, there is a menu item on the left for "Registrations" under which is a line for TELPA.

The process to order the materials for the TELPA is virtually the same as it is for the Iowa Assessments.

TELPA Training

The TELPA Training Modules are located in the statewide Moodle system.  Use the following instructions to access the Moodle:

  1. Begin on the AEA PD Online homepage at
  2. Click on Moodle -

If you have taken any online courses for license renewal or graduate credit after June 2013, you may already have a file in this system. Use the username/password that you created to log into Moodle. If you do not have an account, use the following instructions:

To register in the system (First time user not registered in the new system):

  1. Click on create an account here link located in the second paragraph under the new Moodle theme overview video.
  2. Choose a username.
  3. Choose a password. Retain the username/password information for future use.
  4. Enter an email address and confirm the email address.
  5. Enter first and last name.
  6. Enter city/town.
  7. Enter country.
  8. Enter the CAPTCHA from both boxes.
  9. Click the Create my new account button.

You will receive a confirmation email to the address that was provided. If you do not receive the email, check your junk/spam mail. If you still do not find the confirmation email, contact Shelley Christensen at, she will manually confirm your account.

Upon successful log in to the Moodle system, locate the TELPA training, follow these instructions:

  1. Click on Assessment, located under Course Categories (scroll down)
  2. Click on TELPA Training


2014-2015 IELDA Administration Guidelines

All education personnel assigned to administer and/or score the IELDA must participate in the online training module, even if you have administered the assessment previously. A certificate will be issued upon successful completion of the quiz integrated into the online training module.
Directions for accessing the online training are as follows

  • Go to
  • There is a welcome message that provides instructions for setting up an account or using a current account to access the training. If it is the first time on the site, create a free account by clicking on the “Create an account here” link. If you already have an account, enter a user name and password.
  • Once you have logged in, from the home page scroll down to "Course Categories." Choose “Assessment” and then choose IELDA Training. Before you enter the training, it will require you to enter an enrollment key. Type in IELDA in the field, and then click the “enroll me” button.
  • The training itself is a series of lessons regarding the assessment. Follow the instructions in the IELDA training site and be sure to print a certification of successful completion as documentation purposes. Note: the certificate will be a PDF generated by the system. If you have difficulty accessing the PDF, be sure to visit with your school district’s technical support, or contact

Exit Criteria

Criteria for English language proficiency: For AMAO 2, English language proficiency is at Level 6. A Level 6 composite score is the minimum exit criteria requirement. Additionally, students must meet three of the following four exit criteria [Rule 60.3(3)(b)(4)]:

  1. Success in regular classroom
  2. Language Instruction Education Program support not required
  3. Sustainability of success
  4. Score proficient on district-wide and state-wide assessments, such as Iowa Assessments in reading, mathematics, and science

A composite Level 6 requires a minimum overall score of 18 and a maximum of 20. Level 6 is at least two of the subskills at Level 5 and the other two remaining subskills at a minimum of Level 4 or 5. All levels must be above a Level 3.

Possible combinations of Subskill scores that equal a composite score of 6:

Subskills 1, 2, 3, and 4 below may be on any I-ELDA Subtest
(i.e., Reading, Writing, Listening, or Speaking)
Possible I-ELDA Level scores are 1 (low) to 5 (high)
I-ELDA Subskill 1 Subskill 2 Subskill 3 Subskill 4 Overall Score
Score 5 5 4 4 18
Score 5 5 5 4 19
Score 5 5 5 5 20


Lau (ELL) Plan

The Lau (ELL) Plan, so named from the U.S. Supreme Court’s 1974 decision in Lau v. Nichols, has been added to C-Plan as a CSIP question.

Regardless of whether a district has identified English Language Learners (referred to as LEP in state and federal code) enrolled, the law requires the development of a plan to address the specific language instruction education needs should it become necessary to provide such services. The district should review and revise the Lau (ELL) Plan on an annual basis to ensure adequate preparation of all educational personnel to meet the unique needs of diverse language learners.

A Lau (ELL) Plan is required of both public and nonpublic accredited districts in accordance with Title III of the ESEA (PL 107-110) and federal civil rights law, as well as Iowa Code section 280.4 and Iowa Code section 216.9.

On an annual basis, districts and accredited nonpublic must use the Title III state-required Lau (ELL) Plan template. The Lau (ELL) Plan template and Lau (ELL) Plan Reference Guide are found below.

Lau Plan Template - Public (2015-06-01)

Lau Plan Checklist - (2015-06-01)


State ELL Program

Educating Iowa's English Learners: A Handbook for Administrators and Teachers - The handbook gives Iowa educators a picture of the unique needs of English Language Learners (ELL). It offers a guide for providing equal access to the quality education available in the state. The handbook will primarily benefit those responsible for designing and implementing programs in local school districts.

English Learners Handbook Sections



2013-07-12 Title III Memo On Unused Allocations




AEA ELL Websites

Midtesol (

Our Kids


Center of Applied Linguistic (

Colorin Colorado (

Council of Chief State School Officers (

Midwest Equity Assistance Center (

National Association of Bilingual Education (

Office of Civil Rights - U.S. Department of Education (

Office of English Language Acquisition - U.S. Department of Education (


Understanding Language - Stanford University (

WIDA English Language Development (ELD) Standards (


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