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Implementation (TLC System )


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District Applications and End of Year Reports

Plan Changes

How does a district submit a request to change its TLC plan?

School districts wishing to amend their TLC Plan should submit changes using the TLC Plan Change Request Form. A separate form should be filled out and submitted for each change being requested. Districts are asked to describe the change, the rationale for the change, and the level of support for the change. Support documents that don't fit within the form (e.g., budget spreadsheets) should be emailed to Lora Rasey at Also available, a document TLC Plan Change Request Template.

When do districts need to submit a change request?
If the paper TLC plan and enacted TLC plan no longer align a change request needs to be submitted to account for that difference. In other words, if someone were walking through your district with your TLC plan in their hands would what is on the paper align to what they see? If not, a change request needs to be submitted. Additionally, any changes made to Part 8 of the grant including measures used to monitor the impact/effectiveness of the TLC plan this will need to be submitted.

What changes have districts made?
The following two documents lists change requests and outcomes that have been made by districts. The documents are updated periodically to reflect changes.

TLC District Profiles

District Profiles are a way to share the great Teacher Leadership work happening in districts across the state. The goal is to enable others to learn what's happening across the state, share ideas, answer persistent questions and, most important, help districts reflect on TLC implementation and ensure continuous improvement.

Use the District Profile Submission form to submit a district profile for consideration.

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TLC Online Community (Agora)

link to TLC Online Community (Agora) iconThe TLC Online Community (Agora) brings teacher leaders and administrators from across the state together to collaborate about school improvement and the teacher leadership compensation system. Navigate the community as a guest or enroll in the community to sign up for notifications and participate in activities.

AEA Contacts

AEA Contact Email Phone
Keystone AEA Tesha Ruley 563-245-1480
Central Rivers AEA Amy Moine 319-268-7658
Prairie Lakes AEA Jaymie Randel 515-368-0358
Mississippi Bend AEA Nicole Peterson 563-344-6487
Grant Wood AEA Kris Donnelly 319-399-6783
Grant Wood AEA Kim Owen 319-399-6803
Heartland AEA Kevin Fangman 515-270-9030
Heartland AEA Wendy Robinson 515-270-9030
Northwest AEA Katy Evenson 712-222-6000
Green Hills AEA Patrick Rabbitt 712-366-0503
Great Prairie AEA Lonna Anderson 641-682-8591



Mentoring and Induction TLC Part 4 Supports (2017-08-17)

Teacher Leadership and Compensation Guidance (December 2016)


TLC System – Framework for Learning Supports (2014-08-01)

TLC System – Launching Teacher Leadership (2014-04-18)

Supporting Teacher Leadership Programs (Iowa AEAs) (2014-04-04)


TLC Exemplars - Districts Over 1000

TLC Exemplars - Districts Under 1000

TLC Plan Application Scoring Rubric (2014-06-19)

TLC System Application FAQs (2015-07-21)

Teacher Leadership System Design Resources (2013-09-24)

Guidance on the Iowa Teacher Leadership and Compensation System (2013-07-15)

TLC Accepted Districts by Year

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