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Teacher Evaluation


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The teacher evaluation system must be aligned to and support the established criteria for the Iowa Teaching Standards. LEAs and AEAs must to determine what policies, procedures and processes are needed to support the Iowa Teaching Standards and Criteria. A teacher evaluation system should be built around a range of sources of data, information, and processes that will demonstrate the teacher's mastery of the Iowa Teaching Standards.

A local teacher evaluation plan must include the following:

  • The Iowa teaching standards and criteria
  • A comprehensive evaluation of beginning teachers that includes a review of the teacher’s progress on the Iowa teaching standards and the use of the Department of Education’s comprehensive evaluation instrument.
  • A performance review of career teachers needs to be conducted once every three years and include classroom observation of the teacher, a review of the teacher’s progress on the Iowa teaching standards and additional standards and criteria, a review of the implementation of teacher’s individual professional development plan, and supporting documentation from other evaluators, teachers, parents, and students.
  • A peer review must be conducted annually.

Model Framework for Designing a Local Teacher Evaluation

Model Framework for Designing a Local Staff Evaluation System Based on the Iowa Teaching Standards - Based on work conducted by Tom McGreal this is a sample or a model of a teacher evaluation system that can be used as a reference by any LEA in designing a local approach to teacher evaluation.

Iowa Teaching Standards and Criteria

The Iowa teaching standards and criteria represent a set of knowledge and skills that reflects the best evidence available regarding quality teaching. The purpose of the standards and criteria is to provide LEAs and AEAs with a consistent representation of the complexity and the possibilities of quality teaching. The teaching standards and supporting criteria are linked to the teacher evaluation system and individual professional development plans.

Sample Comprehensive Evaluation Form for Beginning Teacher

The Comprehensive Evaluation Form is required for all beginning teachers at the conclusion of their second year. The form is to be completed by the teacher’s evaluator and used as the recommendation for obtaining a standard teaching license from the Board of Educational examiners. The following samples are demonstrate three different ways the Comprehensive Evaluation Form could be completed by the teacher’s evaluator:

Q and A Regarding Beginning Teacher Comprehensive Evaluation (2006-07-13)


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