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Practitioner Preparation


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All colleges and universities engaged in practitioner preparation in Iowa are subject to approval by the State Board of Education as provided in the Code of Iowa. Each program must meet the standards outlined in the Iowa Administrative Code (IAC), Chapter 79, Standards for Practitioner Preparation Programs.

Each institution seeking approval of its practitioner preparation program files evidence of the extent to which it meets the standards contained in the chapters cited above, by means of a self-evaluation report called the Institutional Report. After the institution files its Institutional Report, a team visits the institution for the purpose of evaluation of programs.

The Director of the Department of Education gives recommendations to the State Board based on the factual and evaluative evidence on record about each practitioner preparation program's adherence to the State Standards. After the State Board grants approval to programs filed by an institution, candidates who complete such programs and who are recommended by an authorized official of that institution will be issued the appropriate license with the proper endorsement(s).

Iowa State of Educator Prep Report Aug. 1, 2014

Iowa  State of Educator Prep Report August 1, 2014


Praxis II Qualifying Scores

The State of Iowa does not maintain test scores.  Testing is required to complete a teacher education program. 

According to Iowa statue, all teacher candidates graduating from an Iowa institution after January 1st 2013 must attain the qualifying score on authorized assessments before they can be considered a program completer.

09-18-2012 Letter to the Field – Practitioner Preparation Program Assessments

07-23-2014 Letter to the Field - Authorization of Performance Assessment

07-23-2014 Letter to the Field - Change in Music Content Test


Required Test & Qualifying Scores

Praxis II Pedagogy Test Requirements

Praxis II Content Test Requirements for each endorsement area

Praxis II Special Education Test Requirements

edTPA - Test Requirements


Standards for Practitioner Preparation

Teacher Intern Preparation Programs (Chapter77) (2006-07-10)

281--Iowa Administrative Code 79

Survey Prompts to be used by Preparation Programs:

Employer Principal

Employer Teacher

Graduate Principal

Graduate Teacher

Curriculum Exhibits

Board of Educational Examiners (BOEE) Information for Iowa College and University Officials


Iowa Standards

Iowa Teaching Standards and Criteria

Iowa Standards for School Leaders (ISSL)


National Standards

Interstate Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium (InTASC)

Interstate School Leaders Licensure Consortium (ISLLC)


Practitioner Programs in Iowa

Directory for Teacher Preparation Programs of January 2015


Out-of-State Online-Only Practitioner Preparation Programs

Process for Approval of Practitioner Preparation Programs Seeking Registration with Iowa College Student Aid Commission (2012-10-10)

Review Checklist for Online Educator Preparation Programs (2012-10-08)



Approved Paraeducator Preparation Programs and Contacts

Iowa Association for Colleges of Teacher Education-IACTE

Praxis Tests-Education Testing Services


Teacher Intern Program

Four-year colleges or universities may also offer a teacher intern preparation program once approved by the State Board of Education. In May, 2002, the State Board adopted rules that establish the standards required for approval of these teacher intern preparation programs.

Applicants for the teacher intern license are required to complete an initial 12 semester hours of introductory content in pedagogy that includes 50 contact hours of field experience with students. Upon successful completion of this introductory program, the applicant qualifies for the teacher intern license which allows him or her to serve as the teacher of record in a high school during a one year teaching internship. This teaching internship is highly supported by the postsecondary institution in partnership with the employing district and/or area education agency and includes extensive supervision and participation in a state-approved mentoring and induction program. During this time the intern completes a teacher intern seminar that includes extension of coursework from the teacher intern introductory program. After the teacher internship year, the intern completes a 12 semester hour concluding intern teacher program and is then eligible for an initial teaching license.

Currently, four intern programs are offered in Iowa:


Kaplan University:

Maharishi University:

Morningside College:

Regents Alternative Pathway to Iowa Licensure (RAPIL):

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