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Iowa Professional Development Model


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Iowa Professional Development Model Technical Guide - This is a 129-page technical guide provides guidance and technical assistance for Iowa school districts to use when designing and supporting their District & Building-level Professional Development Plans.

Steps and Tools

The following are individual pages from the Iowa Professional Development Model Technical Guide.

Steps Tools
Establish a Professional Development Leadership Team 1 District & Building-level PD Leadership Teams
Collecting & Analyzing Student Data

2.1 Discussing Our District's Data

2.2 Discussing Our Building's Data

Goal Setting & Student Learning

3.1 Goals & Professional Development Target

3.2 Writing a SMART Goal

Selecting Content 4 Considering the Research Base
Designing Process

5.1 Alpha School District Example

5.2 Finding Time for Training & Collaboration

Training & Learning Opportunities 6 Worksheet for Designing Training & Learning Opportunities
Collaboration 7 A Guide for Collaborative Structures
Implementation 8 Implementation Worksheet
Formative Evaluation 9 Formative Data Planning Tool
Program Evaluation (Summative)

10.1 Discussing Our District's Summative Data

10.2 Discussing Our Building's Summative Data

Developing an Individual Teacher Professional Development Plan

11.1 Individual Teacher PD Plan - Blank Sample 1

11.2 Individual Teacher PD Plan - Blank Sample 2

  12 Professional Growth System

District/Building Profile: Iowa Professional Development Model

District/Building Profile: Iowa Professional Development Model  - The purpose of this profile is to guide the district/building administrators, the Professional Development (PD) Leadership Team, and the PD provider in conducting an optional self-analysis of the effectiveness of their district/building professional development. By reviewing what is in place for PD at the district and building level, district leaders have an opportunity to make adjustments and add supports to ensure that the professional development provided to teachers results in improved instructional practices and increased student achievement. This rubric is offered as a tool to analyze and describe the status of PD plans, processes, and learning opportunities.

Provider Approval

Providers are those individuals, agencies, or organizations that serve the school district by providing long term, ongoing support for the District Professional Development Plan. This document explains the provider requirements and procedures for approval.


Application Form

Law and Guidance

Iowa Code section 284.6 Teacher professional development

Extended Guidance on Practitioner Collaboration and Peer Review

Reference Guide for Required Staff Development- There are some types of training required for various school personnel that result from laws outside of education. In most instances, training sessions to meet these requirements would not be included in the District Professional Development Plan. This document provides guidance for topical or specific content intended for individuals with specialized assignments or roles that necessitate specific training.

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