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Iowa Evaluator Approval and Training


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Contact Matt Ludwig ( regarding evaluator approval course information, and Greg Horstmann ( regarding administrator licensure information.

Three Approved Evaluator Training Pilots

The DE recently approved three leadership training pilots that satisfy the evaluator approval licensure requirement - Human Capital Strategies as a Change Lever in Education; Collaborative Leadership Institute; and Improving Student Achievement through Effective Feedback. The trainings start in June 2017 and take place during the upcoming 2017-2018 school year. Please click on link below for courses description, registration, and other course information.

Three Approved Evaluator Approval Training Pilots

Course observation, participant/instructor feedback, and other course information will be used by the DE to determine the success of the pilots and planning for possible statewide training and support.

Also, during the next school year, Assessing Academic Rigor, Fierce Conversations, and iEvaluate 1.2 will continue to be evaluator approval options. iEvaluate 1.2 will be revised during the 2017-2018 school year with a new version released in 2018-2019.

Evaluator Approval Options for 2017-2018

Evaluator Training Course Schedule

An administrator and/or evaluator wanting to obtain or renew an evaluator license may choose from the following options:

  1. iEvaluate 1.2 (2-renewal credits) - iEvaluate 1.2 provides beginning and experienced evaluators an opportunity to focus on the critical elements of an educator evaluation system in Iowa:
    1. Iowa’s model for Educator Quality (Chapter 83 of Iowa Administrative Rules)
    2. Knowledge & Skills of a Quality Evaluator and Attributes of Effective Evaluation System:
      1. Professional Educator Standards: Iowa Teaching Standards and Criteria (ITSC) / Iowa Standards for School Leaders (ISSL)
      2. Data and Information from Multiple Sources
      3. Formal and Informal Observations
      4. Coaching for Educator Excellences
      5. Professional Development for Improving Practice and Student Learning

      Throughout the course, participants must complete a series of online assignments (e.g., forum discussions, reading, scenarios, reflecting, responding, observing, planning, videotaping, etc.) during the eight-week course.

    3. Assessing Academic Rigor (2-renewal credits) - With the focus on the Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy (RBT) and the assessment of academic rigor in our classrooms, participants build their capacity to understand what to look for and support in classrooms as they seek to increase student learning in their buildings. The use of the RBT in assessing rigor will deepen the skills and context of the participants in the areas of coaching and evaluation as they work to implement the Iowa Core, AIW, and other statewide initiatives as connected to the Iowa Teaching Standards and the Iowa Standards for School Leaders.
      Registration information is available at each AEA.
    4. Fierce Conversations (2-renewal credits) - Fierce Conversations teaches participants how to ignite productive dialogue that:
      • Interrogates Reality
      • Provokes Learning
      • Resolves Tough Challenges
      • Enriches Relationships

      This foundational, hands-on learning opportunity is designed to ensure the success of any team or department within your school. The “how to” training is designed with an emphasis on application and implementation of:

      • Team Conversations
      • Coaching Conversations
      • Delegation Conversations
      • Confrontation Conversations

      All essential conversations to your success. Participants will practice the conversations with each other in a safe environment to calibrate and experience the real conversations they will be using in their schools.
      Registration information is available at each AEA.

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