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Iowa Evaluator Approval and Training


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Approval Process

Iowa Evaluator Approval Process - This document outlines the process for acquiring an evaluator endorsement through the Board of Educational Examiners.

For more information regarding the Evaluator Approval Program in Iowa, see the DE, SAI, BoEE, or your respective AEA website or contact Matt Ludwig, leadership consultant, at 515-281-3750 or For licensure questions, contact Greg Horstmann at 515-281-3587 or



The iEvaluate class is an online evaluator class that is approved by the Iowa Department of Education. It was created to replace the required Evaluator Level I and Level II training. There are two iEvaluate classes: iEvaluate – Teachers (intended for principals, athletic directors, and others responsible of evaluating teachers or coaches) and iEvaluate – Administrators (intended for superintendents or central office administrators responsible for evaluating principals or other school administrators). If you have successfully completed evaluator approval through Level I or II, you should contact your AEA professional development office and enroll in Assessing Academic Rigor.


Evaluator Approval Level III

The Iowa Evaluator Approval Training Program Advisory Committee met regularly during the 2009-2010 and 2010-11 school year to develop a structure and focus for the Level III renewal of the evaluator's license. The work was based on the experience and input from practicing administrators who have been involved with the training for Level I and Level II renewal and their practice in applying the previous training at the local school level. At this point, what is available to any person needing renewal at Level III is described as follows:

  1. Four credit hours are needed for renewal of the administrator license at Level III.
  2. Everyone must take the Assessing Academic Rigor course currently available in all of the AEAs. This option will count for two of the four credits needed.
  3. In addition
    1. In-state administrators may take another course for credit with researched-based content, which aligns with the work of their district or their own individual professional development goals. This course must be an AEA licensure renewal credit or a semester credit from a regionally accredited institution.


    2. They make take the Fierce Conversations course which is a two-credit course offered through each of the AEAs.
  4. In addition:
    1. Out-of-state: Individuals coming from out-of-state will be required to take the I-Evaluate on-line class for full administrative licensure. Contact Greg Horstmann at 515-281-3587 or for further information.

Iowa Evaluator Approval Training Program III - Frequently Asked Questions


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