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Authentic Intellectual Work (AIW)


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The goal of this professional development initiative is increase student learning by engaging students in authentic intellectual work. Authentic Intellectual Work (AIW) is defined by three criteria-construction of knowledge, through disciplined inquiry, to produce discourse, products, and performance that have value beyond school.

The AIW framework establishes criteria for teaching that:

  • maximize expectations of intellectual challenge for all students,
  • increase student interest in academic work,
  • supports teachers’ taking time to teach for in-depth understanding, rather than superficial coverage of materials,
  • provide a common conception of student intellectual work that promotes professional community among teachers of different grade levels and subjects, and
  • most important, equip students to address the complex intellectual challenges of work, civic participation, and managing personal affairs in the contemporary world.

Significant features of AIW include the following:

  • Teachers, administrators, liaisons and coaches form professional learning communities focused on the successful implementation of AIW.
  • Leadership is provided with additional support through Leadership Meetings that focus on expansion within a school, appropriate allocation of resources, and deep understanding of the AIW framework.
  • Instructional personnel develop a common vision of quality instruction that is supported by research and aimed at improving student achievement.
  • Teachers apply AIW to everyday classroom practices.
  • Teachers become more introspective and reflective of their instructional practices.

Participating Schools

2007-2008 Cohort 1
School Administrator AEA Coach
AHST Middle/High School Jeremy Hissem Green Hills Andrea Danker
Boone High School Dave Kapfur 11 Teresa Bellinghausen
Cedar Falls High School Rich Powers 267 Bruce King
Gilbert CSD Layne Billings; Amy Griffin; Staci Edwards; Chris Billings 11 Hope Bossard; Jodi Hurn; Staci Edwards
Humboldt High School Lori Westhoff 8 Dana Carmichael; Kim Rost
Scavo High School (Des Moines) Jennifer Silvay 11 Rita Martens
Spencer High School Joe Mueting 8 Dana Carmichael
West Des Moines CSD Laurene Lanich 11 Shannon Johnson; Jamie Ehlert; Mitch Kuhnert
2008-2009 Cohort 2
School Administrator AEA Coach
Carroll High School Steve Haluska; Tammie McKenzie 11 Becca Lindahl
Elk Horn Kimbalton David Johnson Green Hills Tina Wahlert
Fort Dodge High School Ben Johnson; Dave Keane 8 Annette Louk
Hempstead High School Lee Kolker 1 Bruce King
Jefferson Scranton High School Brian Phillips 8 Maurita Aubrey; Annette Louk
North Tama High School Paul Rea 267  
Northeast High School Joe Jarvis 9  
Roland-Story High School Steve Schlatter 11 Teresa Bellinghausen
Sidney High School Mike Eldridge Green Hills Mary Ann Angeroth
Sioux Center Middle School Julie Schley Northwest Katy Evenson
Spencer Middle School Steve Barber 8 Dana Carmichael; Maurita Aubrey; Annette Louk; Kim Rost
St. Albert's High School David Schweitzer Green Hills Mary Ann Angeroth
2009-2010 Cohort 3
School Administrator AEA Coach
Atlantic High School Matthew Alexander Green Hills Tina Wahlert
East Mills High School Paul Croghan Green Hills Maryann Angeroth
Fremont Mills Middle and High School Chris Herrick; Jeremy Christiansen Green Hills Maryann Angeroth
Griswold Middle/High School TJ Dunphy Green Hills Tina Wahlert
Missouri Valley Middle/High School Brent Hoesing; Kristie Kruckman 11 Anrea Danker
Northeast Elementary Diane Schumacher 9  
Rock Run Elementary Mike Swartzendruber 267 Julie Graber
Sioux Center High School Gary McEldowney Northwest Katy Evenson
Thomas Jefferson High School Lisa Dale Green Hills  
West Sioux Middle/High School Kim Buryanek Northwest Katy Evenson
2010-2011 Cohort 4
School Administrator AEA Coach
Abraham Lincoln High School (Council Bluffs) Todd Barnette Green Hills Warren Weber
Alden Elementary (Iowa Falls) Kim Nelson 267 Julie Graber
Boone Middle School Carolyn Clark   Teresa Bellinghausen
Boyden-Hull Elementary Tom Kerr Northwest Katy Evenson
Boyden-Hull Jr./Sr. High School Dan Pottebaum Northwest Katy Evenson
Carroll Middle School Jerry Raymond 11 Becca Lindahl
Clear Creek Elementary (Clear Lake) Mark Barkley 267 Julie Graber
Clear Lake Middle School Dan Long 267 Julie Graber
East Mills Middle School at Nishna Valley Allen Irwin Green Hills Maryann Angeroth
Fairfield High School Marci Dunlap 10 Warren Weber
Indianola Middle School Annette Jauron; Cindy Slauson 11 Mary Schmidt
Iowa Falls-Alden High School Clyde Tarrence 267 Julie Graber
Jefferson-Scranton Middle School Karen Younie 8 Maurita Aubrey and Annette Louk
Kinsey Elementary School (Sioux Center) Bob Mars    
Mason City Secondary Complex TJ Jumper 267 Julie Graber
MOC-Floyd Valley High School Russ Adams Northwest Jill Helm
Monticello High School Joan Young 10 Bruce King
Panorama Cory Heiman   Teresa Bellinghausen
Panorama Middle/High School Mark Johnston 11 Teresa Bellinghausen
Peet Junior High Jason Wedgbury 267 Lori Beltran  
Pineview Elementary-Iowa Falls Ryan Robison 267 Julie Graber
Riverbend Middle School-Iowa Falls Jeff Burchfield 267 Julie Graber
Rock Valley Middle/High School Nicole Roder Northwest  
Saydel High School Tracy Hook 11 Becca Lindahl
Sacred Heart Ron Olberding   Dana Carmichael
Sergeant Bluff-Luton CSD Jason Klingensmith Northwest Jill Helm
South Hardin Middle School PJ Heinz 267 Julie Graber
South Page Middle/High School Denise Green Green Hills Maryann Angeroth
2011-2012 Cohort 5
School Administrator AEA Coach
Don Bosco Erick Eckermann 267 Lori Beltran
Clear Creek Elementary (Clear Lake) Dan Long 267 Julie Graber
Clear Lake Middle School Dan Long 267 Julie Graber
Collins-Maxwell CSD Jon Richards; Jason Ellingson 11 Teresa Bellinghausen
Creston High School Bill Messerole Green Hills Tina Wahlert
Essex CSD Robert Brecht Green Hills Maryann Angeroth
Grinnell High School Kevin Seney 267 Julie Graber
Grundy Center Middle/High School Steve VanderPol; Cassandra Murra 267 Julie Graber
Hinton High School Susan Martens Northwest Emily Koson
Indianola High School Trent Grundmeyer; Cindy Slauson 11 Mary Schmidt
Whittier Elementary (Indianola) Ed Johnson; Cindy Slauson 11 Mary Schmidt 
Emerson Elementary (Indianola) Mark Timmerman; Cindy Slauson 11 Mary Schmidt 
Wilder Elementary (Indianola) Craig Sexton; Cindy Slauson 11 Mary Schmidt 
Kanesville (Council Bluffs) Jenny Barjnett Green Hills Warren Weber
Maple Valley-Anthon Oto CSD Dan Dougherty; Patricia Ryan Northwest Emily Koson
Carpenter Elementary (Monticello) Denny Folken; Gretchen Kriegel 10 Gretchen Kriegel and Shannon Guyer
Shannon Elementary (Monticello) Denny Folken; Gretchen Kriegel 10 Gretchen Kriegel and Shannon Guyer
Central Middle School (Monticello) Bill Gilkerson; Denny Folken; Gretchen Kriegel 10 Kim Carlson and Jessica Hillers
Nevada High School Justin Gross 11 Teresa Bellinghausen
Norwalk High School Dale Barnhill; Mark Crady 11 Mary Schmidt
Eastview 8/9 (Norwalk) Jody Ratigan; Mark Crady 11 Mary Schmidt
North Middle School (Sioux City) Jeanene Sampson Northwest Janelle Schorg
Norwalk Middle School Dale Barnhill; Ken Foster; Mark Crady 11 Linda Moehring
Pella High School  Eric Nelson 11 Mary Schmidt
Pella Middle School  Josh Manning 11 Mary Schmidt  
Prairie Crest (College) Laura Medberry 10 Brad Colton
Prairie High School (College) Mark Gronemeyer 10 Brad Colton  
Remsen-Union CSD Steve Harman Northwest Christin De Jong
Sergeant Bluff-Luton High School Jason Klingensmith Northwest Jill Helm
South O'Brien CSD Lisa Wiese  Northwest Janelle Schorg
Tri-Center High School Angela Huseman  Green Hills Andrea Danker
Tucker Center (Council Bluffs) Cyle Forney  Green Hills Warren Weber
Union High School Travis Fleshner  Northwest Julie Graber
Van Meter CSD Deron Durfligner; Jennifer Sigrist 11 Sue Ford
West Harrison CSD Dan Peterson Green Hills Tina Wahlert
West High School (Sioux City) Jim Vanderloo Northwest Janelle Schorg
2012-2013 Cohort 6
School Administrator AEA Coach
Dike-New Hartford Irv Laube   Julie Graber
Hartley-Melvin-Sanborn CSD Bill Thompson   Sue Chartier
Kingsley Pierson Middle School Robert Wiese   Mona Yanacheak
MOC-Floyd Valley Middle School John VandeWeerd   Mona Yanacheak
Rock Valley Elementary School Donald Ortman   Jill Helm/Katy Evenson
Sacred Heart School Brenda Ferrie   Millie Olsen
Sibley-Ocheyedan Middle School Mike Morran   Carla Lee
Union MS Mark Albertsen   Julie Graber
West Lyon CSD Jim Hargens NW Janelle Schorg

AIW Resources

The Center for Authentic Intellectual Work - Provides professional development for instructional and assessment reform, using the Framework for Authentic Intellectual Work, originally developed by Fred Newmann, Bruce King, and colleagues at the Center for Organization and Restructuring of Schools, University of Wisconsin - Madison.

AIW Institute at Wisconsin - Dr. Bruce King’s AIW work can be found here. The AIW Institute supports schools and districts to enhance their teachers’ professional learning, and individual and collective capacity to engage all students in meaningful, challenging work. Curriculum, instruction, and assessment that advance students’ Authentic Intellectual Work promote higher and more equitable outcomes for diverse learners, as well as prepare students for college and career and for democratic participation. [Dr. King is no longer affiliated with the Center for AIW.]

AIW Materials

AIW books highlighting Iowa work:

Teaching for Authentic Intellectual Work: Standards and Scoring Criteria for Teachers' Tasks, Student Performance, and Instruction (2009) - Key project resources by Fred Newmann, Bruce King, and Dana Carmichael.

AIW Evaluation

An Initial Evaluation of the Iowa DE Project to Enhance Students' Authentic Intellectual Work, Fall 2007 to Fall 2011- The study was undertaken through four studies with the following objectives and methods:

  • To understand the professional development process within schools, case studies of implementation of the AIW framework in four schools have been completed.
  • To understand administrators’ reactions to the program, two focus group discussions were held with administrators and curriculum directors and the results summarized.
  • To understand the extent teachers’ intellectual demands were affected by professional development emphasizing feedback from colleagues on the quality of their assignments (tasks) for students, an analysis compared their tasks before and after receiving feedback.
  • To understand whether participation in the AIW project is associated with higher achievement on the Iowa Test of Basic Skills and Iowa Test of Educational Development, test scores in AIW schools were compared with scores of students in matched schools not in the program.

Addendum to An Initial Evaluation of the Iowa DE Project to Enhance Students’ Authentic Intellectual Work, Fall 2007 to Fall 2011

Overall, the data indicate that prior to program entry the AIW and control schools did not differ substantially in student achievement and that, in the years following program entry, AIW schools had consistently higher achievement across grade levels in reading, mathematics, science, and social studies than the non-AIW schools.

Printed from the Iowa Department of Education website on April 20, 2018 at 3:15pm.