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Administrator Evaluation


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The role of school leadership is vital in efforts to improve quality teaching and enhance student learning. During the 2007 legislative session, districts were directed to develop and implement an evaluation system for administrators that incorporate the Iowa Standards for School Leaders (ISSL). The minimum requirement of Iowa law is that educators new to administration have a comprehensive evaluation during their initial year. Following their initial year as an administrator, career administrators are required to have an annual summative evaluation based on the ISSL, and administrators are required to create and implement an individual professional development plan with their evaluator aligned with the district , school and individual professional goals.

A comprehensive/summative administrator performance review process must:

  • Align with the Iowa School Leadership Standards and Criteria
  • Be intended to acknowledge strengths and improve performance.
  • Connect academic, social, emotional and developmental growth for all students in the building/system.
  • Recognize the importance of a principal's role in improving the culture of the learning community.
  • Have research-based criteria about effective principal behaviors which are substantiated by measurable data from multiple sources, and are legal, feasible, accurate and useful.
  • Provide opportunities for personal and professional growth as a facilitator/leader of learning.
  • Be ongoing and connected to school improvement goals.
  • Align building and district goals with community members’ vision for education.

Iowa Standards for School Leaders (ISSL)

The Iowa Standards for School Leaders (ISSL) and criteria represent a set of knowledge and skills that reflects the best evidence available regarding effective leadership for Iowa schools. The standards and criteria are linked to the evaluation of administrators and the professional development plans for administrators.

Iowa Standards for School Leaders

More information on comprehensive administrator performance reviews can be found on the SAI website (

Iowa Individual Administrator Professional Development Plan


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