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Microsoft Settlement Information for Iowa Schools


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Teacher Usage Survey to begin in November

Arlene de la Mora, researcher, Research Institute for Studies in Education (RISE) is in the process of finalizing the data collection website for the Microsoft Settlement 2nd Cy Pres Program. Many of you may remember Arlene from the last round of data collection when it was operated by PERL. Arlene anticipates that data entry will become available in the early part of November, 2015. The website will look very similar to the one previously used, however, major changes have been made to facilitate data entry:

  1. The url for the website is: The website will become live when it is finalized sometime late October or early November. An instruction manual will be made available when the site is finalized.
  2. School terms have been automatically set for one entire year (rather than semesters, trimesters, etc.), with a start date of September 1, 2015 and an end date of May 30th. These dates can be easily changed by the building administrator but because it is set, teachers can begin entering data as soon as possible.
  3. Unlike the previous round, we have removed constraints that prevented teachers from entering data for two or more months back. What remains the same is that teachers have to wait until the end of the month to enter that month’s data (eg., October data are entered in November) and that all data have to be entered by June 30th.
  4. Teachers and Principals/Grant Managers no longer have to submit assurance forms prior to entering data.
  5. Schools no longer have to add teachers and classrooms to the site. This information will be uploaded on your behalf using the data schools provided during the application process.
  6. All users will need to activate an account by registering their email address and creating a password prior to accessing the site the first time. Teachers can begin entering data once this process has been completed.
  7. Teachers will be asked to enter the number of days they used each of the strategies, hardware, and software listed on the school’s application. If you have a copy of the items added to your application, you can use it to share with teachers - the info will be the same. You can also use it to begin collecting data now.

In August 2007, the class action suit between the Microsoft Corporation and the citizens of Iowa was settled. The amount of the settlement was for $179,950,000. Organizations and citizens who had purchased eligible Microsoft products had until December 15, 2007 to file a claim for these funds. The unclaimed portion of these funds became part of the Cy Pres program. The major beneficiary ($60 million) of this program were K - 12 Iowa public schools with "substantial poverty." This was not an entitlement program but a grant/ voucher - reimbursement program. Schools had to decide to participate and filed a simple online application. The focus of the program was to provide technology both hardware and software to these schools that the schools felt would assist them in their implementation of the Iowa Core. The program worked as a reimbursement program in that the school first had to buy the items then file a claim submitting their issued voucher plus invoices to the claims administrator. Approximately $42 million was distributed to these eligible schools.

The Department was informed by Microsoft that its proposal to incorporate the unclaimed funds along with additional funding for a second Cy Pres program was approved. The Department convened a task force regarding the use of these funds by Iowa schools. The task force recommendation was to focus the funds on the K-3 reading initiative in schools that had the greatest need in regards to poverty, SINA designation, and achievement gap. The program will impact 75% of all the public K-6 students who attend schools that have the greatest need as demonstrated under the specific criteria mentioned above. The 2nd Cy Pres program will run from January 1, 2015 to June 30, 2017. Eligible schools will be notified by the middle of September as to their ability to participate. Watch for the announcement of ICN sessions that will be scheduled for the middle to late October that will explain the program.

02/11/2015 Microsoft Settlement 2nd Cy Pres Update

This is the latest announcement from the claims administrator. A Balance Statement and Voucher Redemption Form for each eligible school in your district will be emailed in late February. Balance Statement information will also be available online in late February.

If you with wish to start the reimbursement process before you receive a voucher, please email your documentation in PDF format to the Claims Administrator at If you have submitted your documentation without vouchers, you will need to submit the vouchers when you have received them. Please have the authorized contacts sign the vouchers and then email them to the Claims Administrator. The Claims Administrator will not be able to release payment until they have received a signed voucher. Note that this award is separate from, and in addition to, any Standard or Volume License claim that your district may have previously filed with the Claims Administrator.

Remember that you must email John O’Connell when you have certified your application so that he can review it. You can complete your application or file for an addendum up to March 30, 2017. If you have any questions or concerns, contract John O'Connell at or 515-249-0334.

Final Calculations for 2nd Cy Pres

Claims administrator’s final calculations for eligible schools per student GPV $24.38 per student and SPV is $47.57. Locate your school on the spreadsheet. Columns “U” and  column "V" contain the amount of the GPV and SPV that each building will receive.

Schools do not have to update their budget page if they have already filed their application. They will have to update their application if they change any numbers or products that they add to the application. This is done by sending an email to John O'Connell requesting to make an addendum.

If you have any questions or concerns, contract John O'Connell at or 515-249-0334.

Final 2nd Cy Pres distribution Calculations for eligible schools (2015-02-12)

Procedure for filling a claim

  1. Print the attached voucher and complete the Voucher Redemption Form for the specific eligible school. Indicate the dollar amount claimed for each of the vouchers listed for that school. Vouchers may only be redeemed for eligible products listed in your application and purchased between January 1, 2015 and June 30, 2017. Vouchers cannot be transferred to any person or entity and cannot be transferred between schools or districts. If a school closes or transfer students to another school, you need to notify John O'Connell at or 515-249-0334 immediately as the money follows the students but the voucher does not.
  2. If mailed, enclose a photocopy of the itemized receipt or vendor invoice for the products you purchased and circle the items for which you would like to redeem the vouchers. If you are sending the claim in electronically, scan the vouchers, and vendor invoices or receipt and attached to the email to the claims administrator. Forms must be signed by the district Superintendent and Business Manager.
  3. Email to the claims administrator at Mail to: Claims Administrator, Iowa School Microsoft Settlement, P.O. Box 195, Minneapolis, MN 55440-0195. Forms must be signed by the district Superintendent and Business Manager and postmarked on or before June 30, 2017.

Note that an original Voucher Redemption Form must be signed and submitted for reimbursement to occur.

The Claims Administrator will send a reimbursement check to your district for the benefit of the designated school in the amount of eligible purchases up to the amount of the voucher within approximately 30 days of redemption submission. If you purchase eligible products that total less than the amount of your vouchers, you will receive a check in the amount of the eligible purchases and a new Balance Statement and Voucher Redemption Form to redeem the remaining balance. Balance Statements for schools in your district are also accessible online at


Schools Eligible to Participate

Below is a list of eligible schools by AEA to participate in the Microsoft Settlement 2nd Cy Pres Program.

The Criteria for inclusion was based on the combined ranking of the schools in the area of percentage of students classified as non-proficient in reading, percentage of student in the Free and Reduced lunch category and the building status in SINA (School In Need of Assistance based on their status under the No Child Left Behind law of not meeting academic goals). Each school was ranked from 1 to 729 (number of buildings working with PK to sixth grade) based on each category individually. The scores were added together to determine the final ranking for eligibility. The program selection was based on the limit to impact no more than 75% of the buildings. Based on this and a natural break (1553 combined score – the largest break was selected as the cut off score) in the ranking, 541 buildings were selected. The programs focus is on the K-3 reading initiative, so only those building that had PK-3 population, (either one, some or all the grade levels) were included in the final list. An adjustment was made to the schools population to include pk-6 for all eligible schools provided there were these grades in the district.

For those eligible schools that wish to participate in this program there will be a short online application. There will also be webinars in October for those schools. Announcement of the dates and times will be posted on this web page. So come back after October 5.



The application for the 2nd Cy Pres Program can be found under "Microsoft Settlement" when logged in as a district on the Iowa Education Portal. Access the Iowa Education Portal here.


Technical Assistance Webinar Sessions for AEAs


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