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Basic Educational Data Survey (BEDS)

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The Iowa Basic Educational Data Survey (BEDS) is a semi-annual data collection. The purpose of BEDS is to collect staff and non-student level information. Data are collected from Public Districts, Non-Public Schools and Area Education Agencies.

The Fall collection includes staff information from all accredited K-12 public and non-public schools and Area Education Agencies, class size data, CPI (Competent Private Instruction), professional development plans.

The Spring collection includes address information for the coming year, early childhood program information, teacher and principal evaluation data, school minutes, graduation requirements, PSEO (Postsecondary Enrollment Option) dollars spent by the district, and course data and student enrollment from the accredited non-public schools.

Data from the BEDS is used to meet state and federal reporting requirements, respond to legislative requests for information, and support education research.

Important Dates to Remember

May 1: School Info Update Opens
May 15: Spring BEDS Opens
June 15: School Info Update Deadline
June 26: Spring BEDS Deadline
September 1: Fall BEDS Opens
September: Fall BEDS Staff Opens
October 15: Fall BEDS Deadline
October 15: Fall BEDS Staff Deadline
October 16: Operational Sharing Opens
October 30: Operational Sharing Deadline

Spring 2017 Documentation

2017 Spring BEDS - Changes Overview (slides)

2017 Spring BEDS Reference Manual

Fall 2016 Documentation

BEDS_Staff_Layout_Fall 2016

DE Coding Matrix FY17

Fall BEDS Reference FY17

Fall BEDS Staff Reference FY17

Position Codes FY17

Project Lead the Way

Shared Staff FY17

Spring 2016 Documentation

Spring BEDS Changes from 2014

2015-2016 Spring BEDS Reference Manual

School Days vs Hours Chart

School or Program

Spring 2016 Webinars

Fall 2014 Webinars

Archived Documents

Fall 2015 Documentation

Fall BEDS Reference FY16

Fall BEDS Staff Reference FY16

Shared Staff FY16


Iowa Fall BEDS Staff Collection Change Document

Fall BEDS Staff FAQ FY16

DE Coding Matrix FY16

Administrator Coding Matrix FY16

Position Codes FY16

Assignment Codes FY16

New and Archived Assignments for FY16

Compensation Matrix FY16

Project Lead the Way

Spring 2015 Documentation

2014-2015 Spring BEDS Reference Manual
2014-2015 Spring BEDS Evaluation and Minutes Definitions
School Programs Decision Tree

Fall 2014 Documentation

Administrator Coding Matrix FY15
Assignment Codes FY15
Compensation Matrix FY15
DE Coding Matrix FY15
Fall BEDS Reference FY15
Fall BEDS Staff Reference FY15
Guidance Sections FY15
New Fall BEDS FY15
Position Codes FY15
Shared Staff FY15

Spring 2014 Documentation

Spring BEDS Overview 04 10 14
Spring BEDS Training Hours-Days
Spring BEDS Training Princ_Evals
Spring BEDS Training Teach_Evals
Spring BEDS Evaluation and Minutes Definitions
MD Update 2013-2014 Spring  BEDS Reference Manual
MD Update Frequently Asked Questions 2014

Fall 2013 Documentation

Administrator Coding Matrix FY14
DE Coding Matrix FY14
Position Codes 2013-2014
Fall BEDS Reference FY14
Assignment Codes 2013-2014
Fall BEDS Staff Reference FY14
Compensation Matrix FY14 (2)
Shared Staff FY14
Guidance Sections FY14
New Fall BEDS FY14 (2)

Spring 2013 Documentation

Principal Evaluations
Teacher Evaluations
2012-2013 Spring BEDS Reference Manual
Spring BEDS Training Minutes 03 08 13
Spring BEDS Evaluation and Minutes FAQ

Spring 2013 Training Materials

Spring BEDS Training Teach_Evals 03 08 13
Spring BEDS License Staff Expiration 03 20 13
Spring BEDS Review 03 18 13
Spring BEDS Training Minutes 03 08 13
Spring BEDS Training Princ_Evals 03 08 13

Fall 2012 Training Materials

New for Fall 2012 (54.69 kB)

Fall BEDS 2012-2013_Staff_Reference (169.14 kB)

BEDS Reference_2012-2013 (195.33 kB)

BEDS_Staff_Layout_Fall 2012 (7.32 MB)

Shared Staff 2012-2013(24.95 kB)

Administrator Coding Matrix_2012-2013 (85.7 kB)

Compensation Matrix 2012-2013 (72.95 kB)

Guidance_Sections (64.74 kB)

 Position Codes 2012-2013 (60.95 kB)

 Assignment Codes 2012-2013 (35.8 kB)

Coding Matrix_2012-2013 (64.99 kB)

Spring 2012 Training Materials

2011-2012 Long-Standing Spring BEDS Reference Manual

Spring BEDS Evaluation and Minutes Definitions (2011-05-02)

Spring BEDS Evaluation and Minutes FAQ 2012-05-02

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