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Physical Education

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The motor domain is integral to the complete educational process. Education of and through the physical should include optimal development of physique, organic function and motor skill. Quality programs serve the needs of all students.

Guidance Regarding Physical Education and High School Programs

PE Excusals and Less-than-Year-Long PE

Physical/Motor Fitness Test Examples

The following document presents carefully conceived physical education standards, tests, evaluations, and measurements contribute to the optimal physical literacy of all students. With scores of available tests, physical educators can efficiently monitor the development of student structure, function, and motion. Time, energy, and resources invested in quality skill development and careful test/measurement pay dividends to all students.

Physical/Motor Fitness Test Examples for Grades 10-12


Physical Education Requirements FAQs

Physical Activity
Healthy kids learn better. Physical activity can help students be healthier but more and more research is showing that physical activity may also impact academic achievement.  Physical activity wakes up the brain, improves behavior and increases concentration. This page highlights resources that support the link between physical activity and academic success.

Physical Education Videos


President's Challenge

The President’s Challenge is a program of the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports, and Nutrition. The Council seeks to expand the availability of quality information regarding physical activity, sports, and good nutrition and to empower Americans of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities to adopt a healthy lifestyle through regular physical activity, participation in sports, and healthy eating.


More Resources

Physical Fun for Little Ones - This guidebook is for early childhood providers and parents to give them a better understanding of the importance of physical activity, provide examples of appropriate play activities that can be done in a variety of settings and share additional resources to find other materials.


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