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Additional Sense-making Activities

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Elementary School

Formative Assessment

How Much Did the Temperature Drop?

Robert Kaplinsky Overview

What Fraction of Children Are in the Right Car Seat?


Middle School

How Much Did the Temperature Drop?

Text Messaging

High School

Analyzing the Functions Recommendations in the Mathematics Iowa Core

Check That Digit

Comparing Functions

A Connected and Coherent Approach to Teaching Algebra: A Functions Approach to Teaching Algebra

Factoring Quadratics

How Big is the Bermuda Triangle?

How Can We Correct the Scarecrow?
How Much Does a 100 X 100 In-N-Out Cheeseburger Cost?

How Much Shorter are Staggered Pipe Stacks?

Medicine Dosage

Proof with Multiple Representaions (Fido Problem)

Ranked-Choice Voting

Resources for Teaching the Iowa Core Additional Standards in High School Mathematics

Sets, Logic, and Internet Searches

Skydiving Math

Solving Linear Equations - Multiple Methods and Representations

Solving Linear Equations

Text Messaging

Text Messaging Problem: An Application of Systems of Linear Equations

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