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Additional Sense-making Activities


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Elementary School

Books on Shelves

Carol's Numbers

Cookie Dough

Farmer Fred

Nina's Numbers

Stuffed With Pizza


Middle School

Acme Box Factory

A Day Out


Building Percent Dolls: Connecting Linear Measurement to Learning Ratio and Proportion

Candle Box

Candy Bars

Circles and Squares

Counting Trees

Estimations and Approximations: The Money Munchers

Expressions and Equations

Fearless Frames

Fruit Boxes

Hot Under the Collar

Ice Cream

Increasing and Decreasing by Percents

Interpreting Distance-Time Graphs


Modeling Situations with Linear Equations

Numbers in our World

Ponzi Pyramid Scheme

Profit from CDs

Proofs Of The Pythagorean Theorem?

Proportional Reasoning

Ratios and Proportional Relationships

Reflections on Factoring

Rods and Beams

Roman Mosaic

Security Cameras

Smoothie Box

Solving Linear Equations - Multiple Methods and Representations

Spinner Bingo

Sports Bag

Steps to Solving Equations

Taxi Cabs

Text Messaging

Triangular Frameworks

Using School Lunch to Study Proportion


High School

Aussie Fir Tree

Best Buy Tickets

Bestsize Cans

Candy Quality Control

Check That Digit

Comparing Functions

Company Logo

The Cycle Shop

Factoring, Quadratics

Fearless Frames

Functions and Fundraising

Golf Ball Bounces

Graphic Logs: Quake Story

Highcrest High School

Housing Data Analysis

Insulin Half Life

Medical Testing

Medicine Dosage

NCSM Great Tasks for Mathematics: Bugs, Giraffes, Elephants and More 

Parking Lot - Part I

Parking Lot - Part II

Profit from CDs

Proof with Multiple Representaions (Fido Problem)

Projects for Assessment in Gen. Ed. Statistics

Propane Tanks

Permutations, Combinations, and RNA


Ranked-Choice Voting

Reflections on Factoring

Resources for Teaching the Iowa Core Additional Standards in High School Mathematics

Rocket Launch Transformation

Roger's Farm

Security Cameras

Sets, Logic, and Internet Searches

Sidewalk Stones

Skydiving Math

Solving Linear Equations: Student Version

Solving Linear Equations - Multiple Methods and Representations

Solving Geometry Problems: Floodlights

Table Tiling

Text Messaging Problem: An Application of Systems of Linear Equations

Text Messaging

Triangular Frameworks

Valve Stem

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