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Certified Annual Financial Reports (CAR)


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The Certified Annual Financial Report is a report of financial data required by Iowa Code to be filed annually with the Department of Education by each school district and area education agency and which is due no later than September 15 following the close of the fiscal year.

The Chart of Account upload and online data collection are located in the Iowa Education Portal. Below are the specifications for the software providers, districts, and area education agencies; the instructions for the CAR; and certified annual reports from previous years submitted by districts and area education agencies.


Denise Ragias -- for help with the uploads and reports

Janice Evans -- for help with account codes and journal entries

Data Used to File FY16 CAR

2015-16 District AEA Flowthrough Amounts

2015-16 Sources for Local Projects

Data Used to File FY15 CAR

2014-15 Commodities

2014-15 District AEA Flowthrough Amounts

2014-15 Sources for Local Projects


2014-15 CAR Instructions

FY14 School Level Expenditures Instructions for Civil Rights Reporting

User Information

Best Practices for a Successful and Timely CAR

Best Practices for Certifying the CAR

Chart of Account Upload File Specifications

GASB 54 Powerpoint

How to use the CAR Upload

CAR by District/AEA - Fiscal Years 2006 through 2014

Many districts have asked for information from the CAR be made available in a format similar to the forms below for comparative purposes.  These workbooks have been created from queries.

2013-14 CAR

2012-13 CAR

2011-12 CAR

2010-11 CAR

2009-10 CAR

2008-09 CAR

2007-08 CAR
2007-08 Non-fiscal CAR (1.97 MB)

2006-07 CAR
2006-07 Non-fiscal CAR (1.71 MB)

2005-06 CAR
2005-06 Non-fiscal CAR (1.51 MB)


Click here to link to the Uniform Financial Accounting Manual, Chart of Account Descriptions, Chart of Account Coding, and School Finance Terminology.

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