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Mentoring and Induction for Beginning Administrators


The mentoring and induction for beginning administrators is sponsored by School Administrators of Iowa (SAI). This one year program supports the Iowa Standards for School Leaders (ISSL), as well as beginning administrators’ professional and personal needs. The mentoring and induction program provides support, professional development, and access to various resources to ensure leadership focused on improved teaching and student learning.

More information can be found Mentoring and Induction Program on the SAI website:

Schools/Districts not using the SAI model are required to use the following template for their plan: Mentoring and Induction Plan Template for Beginning Administrators

Beginning Administrators Mentoring and Induction Data Collection and Funding

Each fall, districts and AEAs complete a data collection showing the number of beginning administrators that qualify for Mentoring and Induction Program funding. Qualifying districts and AEAs receive a payment for each semester.


2010-2011 Mentoring and Induction, Administrators

2009-2010 Mentoring and Induction, Administrators

2008-2009 Mentoring and Induction, Administrators

2007-2008 Mentoring and Induction, Administrators

2006-2007 Mentoring and Induction, Administrators


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