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Register for the Statewide Civil Rights and Equity Coordinator Training

Over the last several years, equity citations are the most frequent areas of non-compliance cited during accreditation and focused equity visits.

To address confusion about the responsibilities of the equity coordinator, the Iowa Department of Education is sponsoring a free one-day Statewide Civil Rights and Equity Coordinator Training on Monday, March 23, from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at the Iowa Events Center in Des Moines.

Intended audiences include district-level, Area Education Agency and Community College equity coordinators, superintendents, human resource specialists, principals, and counselors.

The training will include information on the six responsibilities of the equity coordinator:

  1. Knowledge of federal and state civil rights laws;
  2. Equity policies and procedures required by law;
  3. Dissemination of information to staff, students and community;
  4. Professional development on rights and responsibilities;
  5. Civil rights grievance process which is prompt and effective; and
  6. Monitoring of disaggregated data.

Special emphasis will be placed on closing the achievement gap, preventing and reducing bullying and harassment behaviors, and meeting the needs of students with disabilities.


Iowa’s model of accreditation and improvement for districts, Area Education Agencies, and Pre-Kindergarten programs is scheduled for a substantial makeover for the 2015-16 year. 


Cycle of Continuous Improvement

A single continuous improvement process is under development.


Site Visits

Purpose of the School Improvement Site Visit 281--Iowa Administrative Code 12.8(4)(a)(2)

  • To assess progress with the Comprehensive School Improvement Plan (CSIP)
  • To make recommendations with regard to the visit findings for the purposes of improving educational practices above minimal compliance
  • To determine that a school or school district is in compliance with the accreditation standards
  • To provide a general assessment of educational practices


Iowa Department of Education Site Visit Team Member Invitation and Sign Up

Site Visit Team Member Invitation - An invitation, expectations and sign up information for site visit volunteer-team members.


2014-2015 School Year

State Accreditation Site Visits 2014-2015


2014-2015 Site Visit Documents

Site Visit Process and History

Site Visit Training PowerPoint Handout

Overview Presentation Guidelines for Site Visits

Document Review Checklist and Non-Regulatory Guidance for School Districts

Document Review Checklist and Non-Regulatory Guidance for Nonpublic Schools

Required On-Site Interview Groups

Conversation Starters for Public Districts

Conversation Starters for Non-Public Schools

Chapter 12 Matrix

Annual Notices for Public School Districts

Sample School Improvement Visit Schedules

Protected Classes Chart

Web Based Non-Compliance Instructions for Districts or Schools


Link to Equity Education Documents


School Improvement Team

The School Improvement Team at the DE conducts site visits for accredited nonpublic schools and school districts, reviews Annual Progress Reports (APRs), and assists Schools and School Districts in continuous school improvement efforts such as the Comprehensive School Improvement Plan (CSIP). Data for both the APR and CSIP are collected through the C-Plan application. The Team conducts feasibility studies with accredited public school districts seeking options such as Whole Grade Sharing and School District Reorganization. The Team monitors Private Instruction, Specially Accredited Schools, Open Enrollment, School District Waivers and Exemptions, Nonpublic School Accreditation, and Senior Year Plus.

The following contact information includes the monitoring assignments of each School Improvement Consultant. Schools, School Districts, AEAs, and members of the public should contact the Consultant assigned to their AEA for any school improvement related questions.

Contact Information

Grimes State Office Building
400 E. 14th St
Des Moines, IA 50319-0146

General Number: 515-281-8402

Fax Number: 515-242-5988

Hours: 8:00am-4:30pm, Monday-Friday (Except State Holidays)



Dave Tilly
Deputy Director and Division Administrator
Division of Learning and Results

Amy Williamson
Bureau of School Improvement



Holly Barnes
Monitors and provides technical assistance for Mississippi Bend AEA 9.
C-Plan assistance

Janet Boyd
Monitors and provides technical assistance for Green Hills AEA.
Charter School Consultant
Online non-compliance
Document Review Checklist

Cindy Butler
Lead Consultant
Monitors and provides technical assistance for Prairie Lakes AEA 8.
Online non-compliance
C-Plan assistance
Document review checklist

Barbara Byrd
Monitors and provides technical assistance for Great Prairie AEA.
Contact for whole grade sharing
Coordinator for feasibility studies (school district reorganization and whole grade sharing)

Elizabeth Calhoun
Monitors and provides technical assistance for Northwest AEA.
Contact for Private Instruction (i.e., home schooling)

Margaret Jensen Connet
Monitors and provides equity / MCGF technical assistance for all AEAs.
Coordinates LEA focused equity site visits
Coordinates AEA focused equity visits
Assists with community college focused equity site visits

Beth Happe
Monitors and provides technical assistance for Heartland AEA 11.
Exempt schools assistance
Non-Public School Accreditation
Specially Accredited Schools

Eric Heitz
Monitors and provides technical assistance for AEA 267.
Open Enrollment

Fred Kinne
Monitors and provides technical assistance for Grant Wood AEA 10.
Section 504 State Coordinator
Senior Year Plus assistance


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