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Differentiated Accountability (DA) System


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What is Differentiated Accountability?

Differentiated Accountability 

Differentiated Accountability (DA) is Iowa’s accountability model designed to provide support for public districts, accredited nonpublic schools, and Area Education Agencies (AEAs) when and where they need it most. The DA model is built to support compliance with state and federal law as well as build capacity in five conceptual areas essential to continuous improvement in education: Assessment and Data-Based Decision-Making, Universal Instruction, Intervention System, Leadership, and Infrastructure. More information on continuous improvement and compliance can be found on this page.

Differentiated Accountability Summary for 2017-2018


Upcoming Webinars

Follow this link for all our ESSA School Improvement webinars and powerpoints for Spring 2018.

Follow this link for upcoming webinars on 2018-2019 IQPPS Preschool Desk Audit:

Webinar Recordings

Date Topic Materials (if applicable)
02/23/18 ESSA Overview Presentation Slides
09/20/17 Preschool Desk Audit Evidence - IQPPS Implementation Pilot 2017-2018 Presentation Slides
09/15/17 AEA and K-12 Universal Desk Audits 17-18 Presentation Slides
08/15/17 CASA Introduction and Overview of Requirements Presentation Slides
05/24/17 IQPPS Desk Audit Pilot 2017-2018: Guidance Presentation Slides
05/12/17 2017-18 K-12 Universal Desk Audit Presentation Slides
03/01/17 IQPPS Desk Audit Pilot Presentation Slides

Continuous Improvement

Differentiated Accountability Regional Training Google Site - Find the most recent protocols and facilitation guides for continuous improvement, including Assessment System, Universal Instruction, and Intervention System. Other resources from regional trainings and visits are also be housed here.

Universal Tier Tools: At this google site, please find the most recent version of the Universal Instruction Facilitation Guide version 3.0. This google site includes electronic resources to engage in work around universal instruction, as well as supporting tools and activities, such as the healthy indicator protocols. Note: This link does not work in the Chrome browser for state employees with addresses.


Universal Desk Audit

All AEAs, districts, preschool programs, and nonpublic schools will submit initial universal desk audit information for compliance with state and federal legal requirements. If needed, further compliance review through more detailed desk audit, remote interview, or on-site will be conducted at a targeted or intensive level.

AEA, Preschool, and K-12 desk audit information will be submitted through Consolidated Accountability and Support Application (CASA) which is available through the education portal. Desk audits open on September 15th and close on December 15th.

AEA Desk Audit:
2017-2018 AEA Desk Audit

K-12 Desk Audit:
2017-2018 Desk Audit - Public and Nonpublic

Attendance Center and Course Enrollment Data Review

Preschool Desk Audit:
2017-2018 Preschool Desk Audit, Part One (required for all school districts)

2017-2018 Preschool Desk Audit, Part Two (Required for pilot school districts only)

Test Administration Assurances:

Test Administration Assurance for 2017-2018

Desk Audit Contacts

K-12 and AEA

Cindy Butler


Jennifer Adkins

Tim Glenn

School Improvement Consultants


Statewide School Improvement Team


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