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Iowa Community College Faculty Academic Credentialing Chart

During academic year 2015-16, the Faculty Standards Task Force (FSTF) led a statewide effort to create guidance for the review of faculty qualifications to teach at Iowa’s 15 community colleges.  The majority of their efforts went into the development of the Academic Credentialing Chart located on pages 27-34 of The Iowa Community Colleges Guideline for Faculty Qualifications, issued in July 2016.

This chart was created to provide guidance regarding the academic fields/subfields that qualify instructors to teach courses within specific disciplines (3-letter course prefixes); however, it was repeatedly stated that it is a dynamic document and cannot possibly address every issue a reviewer may encounter.  To make this document as helpful as possible, the FSTF has created a process for receiving input from community college faculty and staff that has resulted in this webpage. 

Please fill in the fields below with your contact information and your question/suggestion for consideration.  All input submitted through this site will be stored in a database for annual review by the FSTF (on the second Friday of January).  Any changes that result from their review will be presented to the Chief Academic Officers’ group in early spring of each year and incorporated into a revised chart if approved.

On behalf of the FSTF, we thank you for your input and hope that you find the guidelines and the chart helpful.


Please submit only one question/suggested change below.  If you have more, please complete one page per submission so we can keep track of the input received.

Printed from the Iowa Department of Education website on March 21, 2018 at 7:33am.