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What food safety practices are recommended when food is served outside of the cafeteria?


The following food safety practices are recommended:

  • Maintain time and temperature control.  Remember that potentially hazardous foods must be kept out of the temperature danger zone.  Cold foods must be held at an internal temperature of 41F or below.
  • Prevent cross contamination through use of serving utensils, single-use disposable gloves when serving students, or portion and wrap items before service.
  • Clean and sanitize food contact surfaces, including desks and tables in classrooms.
  • Encourage school staff, volunteers, and students to wash their hands before and after service.
  • Monitor food storage conditions, such as temperature and cleanliness, if food is stored in locations outside of the kitchen or cafeteria.
  • Avoid potential pest problems by removing all leftover food and food waste from classrooms, or other locations, immediately after service.
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